EOTP Plans for Madden 21

A quick note before we get into the Madden 21 plans for EOTP Madden: we will be playing out the current season of the Madden 20 franchise. Those who are in playoff contention are expected to schedule and play out the rest of the season/postseason. This will take approximately two weeks to complete.

It’s just about that time of year! The official Madden 21 release day is just around the corner on August 28. For those of you who happen to have any of the early access options expect the rest of us to be asking plenty of questions and be looking for streams of the game.

The big question that is likely on everybody’s mind at this moment is when will we be picking teams and starting up the franchise? The short answer is that we won’t be starting up immediately.

Why’s that? Well, there’s a few reasons really. First off it’s well known there’s issues with Madden at release. Taking a few weeks to test out the new game and EA’s response via tuning updates or title updates will make sure we’re not starting the franchise only to restart shortly afterwards. We made this mistake last year and it’s never a fun one to correct after the fact.

Additionally, there’s no word on whether EA is updating the Madden Companion App or releasing a new app for Madden 21 at this time. This means any third party site like DaddyLeagues will be relatively useless at launch. We’ll know more on this front once EA and/or DaddyLeagues provides an update.

So, instead, we’ll be running a test league that I expect everybody to participate in so that gameplay and franchise rules can be finalized for once we’re starting up the main franchise. At that point we’ll pick and lock in teams for the franchise after everybody gets a better idea of Madden 21.

For all who participate in the test league there will be in-game rewards for the main franchise. It will also help in team selection as it shows you’re committed to the league and willing to work with our admin team to solidify rules before the main franchise starts up.

I’m not going to commit to a time frame on any steps towards launching EOTP Madden 21 at this particular time – but I do fully expect to get the test league up and running within a couple of days of finishing up our run in Madden 20.

Please stay tuned to chat for further updates!

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