Welcome to EOTP Madden

EOTP Madden has been around for over 50 seasons since Madden ’10 on the Xbox 360. Previously going by Eyes on the Prize, EOTP has run every year for a minimum of five seasons across ten Madden titles.

Our goal is to sustain a 32 player league for most of each Madden cycle, and have run multiple leagues — including rookie restart leagues — ┬áto achieve our goal each year.

Each week advances after roughly 48 hours at or before midnight Eastern time, depending on how quickly games are played.

After years of operating as a forum league, we made the jump to chat apps in recent years and after trying out GroupMe have settled on Discord as our main chat.

Check out our Super Bowl history over the years!


Commissioner – Warmaster91
Chief Activity Officer – PhillyDieHard90
Chief Compliance Officer – SweetMojaveRain
Chief Gameplay Officer – H E L L C A T 3
Chief Trade Officer – [POSITION OPEN]
Trade Committee Members – iBolivian