• League Name: EOTP Madden
  • League Password: N/A — Invites ONLY
  • Skill Level: All-Madden
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Game Style: Simulation
  • League Type: Coaches Only (MUST BE CREATED)
  • Instant Starter: Off
  • Trade Deadline: On
  • Trade Type: Enable Human
  • Coach Firing: Off
  • Salary Cap: On
  • Relocation Settings: Disabled
  • Injury: On (Turned off for Preseason)
  • Pre Existing Injury: Off
  • Practice Squad Stealing: On (Off during Preseason/Week 17/Playoffs/Offseason)
  • Player Progression Frequency: End of the Season
  • Quarter Length: 6 Minutes
  • Accelerated Clock: Off


  • Season Experience: Full Control
  • Weekly Training: Manual
  • Injury Management: Manual
  • Scout College Players: Manual
  • Tutorial Pop-Ups: Off
  • Progress Players: Off


  • Trades and Free Agency: Manual
  • Offseason Free Agent Bidding: Manual
  • Preseason Cut Days: Manual
  • Contract Negotiations: Manual
  • League Advancement: Manual
  • Fill Roster: Off

USER SETTINGS (May Be Changed By Users)

  • Auto Flip D. Play Call: ON
  • Ball Carrier Special Move: Manual
  • Defensive Auto Strafe: OFF
  • Defensive Ball Hawk: OFF
  • Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: OFF
  • Defensive Switch Assist: OFF

XP Sliders

  • QB: 125%
  • HB: 125%
  • TE: 125%
  • WR: 125%
  • FB: 125%
  • OT: 125%
  • OG: 125%
  • C: 125%
  • DT: 125%
  • DE: 125%
  • MLB: 125%
  • OLB: 125%
  • CB: 125%
  • FS: 125%
  • SS: 125%
  • K: 125%
  • P: 125%

Gameplay Sliders

Player Skill:

  • QB Accuracy: 50
  • Pass Blocking: 50
  • WR Catching: 50
  • Run Blocking: 50
  • Fumbles: 50
  • Pass Defense Reaction Time: 50
  • Interceptions: 50
  • Pass Coverage: 50
  • Tackling: 50

CPU Skill

  • QB Accuracy: 15
  • Pass Blocking: 30
  • WR Catching: 25
  • Run Blocking: 30
  • Fumbles: 30
  • Pass Defense Reaction Time: 25
  • Interceptions: 25
  • Pass Coverage: 25
  • Tackling: 25

Special Teams

  • FG Power: 50
  • FG Accuracy: 50
  • Punt Power: 50
  • Punt Accuracy: 50
  • Kickoff Power: 50

Game Options & Penalties

  • Injuries: 20
  • Fatigue: 50
  • Min Player Speed Threshold: 50
  • Offside: 50
  • False Start: 50
  • Holding: 50
  • Defensive Holding: 50
  • Face Mask: 50
  • Defensive Pass Interference: 50
  • Offensive Pass Interference: ON
  • Kick Catch Interference: ON
  • Illegal Block in the Back: 50
  • Intentional Grounding: ON
  • Roughing Passer: 50
  • Roughing Kicker: ON
  • Running into the Kicker: OFF


We advance every 2 days in this league, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (or earlier if all games are played).

Do not schedule games after 11:15 PM Eastern on the night of advance as we will advance regardless of whether you are playing said game (you won’t be done by the deadline anyway, schedule your games earlier!).

If this is the only time slot you can play an opponent, please let an admin know ahead of time and we may be able to work things out — and make sure to show up on time if you schedule late before advance. Be aware, people do schedule to play after advance, so scheduling late games and not adhering to start times will not be tolerated!


Commissioner: Warmaster91
Chief Activity Officer: PhillyDieHard90
Chief Compliance Officer: SweetMojaveRain
Co-Chief Gameplay Officer: hofmeister929
Co-Chief Gameplay Officer: V10L3NTBYD3S1GN
Chief Trade Officer: H E L L C A T 3


Playing sim is something that is taken very seriously in this league. If you have a problem with the following rules then this is not the league for you.

Play calling should be varied. This means that you use a multitude of formations and personnel throughout the game. You should not be doing ANY of the following on offense:

  • Calling mostly three wide (or more) sets all game on offense
  • Only calling shotgun
  • Only running out of shotgun
  • Only running outside all game or calling inside runs just to bounce outside each time
  • Throwing to the same 1/2 routes all game
  • Calling bunch formations all game to abuse coverage
  • Calling the same few plays (regardless of formation) all game
  • Passing from outside the numbers repeatedly — it glitches out the defense
  • Throwing to anybody other than the designed screen on screen plays – those players go uncovered and also block downfield (illegally) without the game registering it as a penalty

You should not be doing ANY of the following on defense:

  • Constantly mis-matching personnel — if it’s a 3 wide set you should be in nickel or another appropriate formation, not calling 3-4 and just dropping into zone!
  • Calling the same few plays just because you think cover 3 is the only effective play
  • Calling only zone or only man — mix your play calls!
  • Call appropriate plays — that means don’t call shotgun three wide on the 1 yard line or play action on third down (unless it’s short).
  • Don’t call plays back to back and please don’t play cover 3 the entire game.

Don’t call mostly play action on passing downs. A receiver route tree consists of more than three routes, so please don’t just run corners, slants and streaks every play. That also means don’t go to the same route every third down — it’s okay to have tendencies but you must not do the same thing every set of downs.

Additionally do not call play action on hurry up as it’s not realistic and is blatantly abusing the in-game mechanic. Do not hot route the running back to a route on play action either, as the defense still miraculously treats it as a run.

As far as running the ball, we all know the game has never handled running outside properly. Do not call inside runs just to cut outside every time, or immediately cut back every play.

In addition, left sticking (or swerving) is not permitted – that means on outside runs don’t cut back and loop around defenders using the left stick, loop around defenders, make zig zag patterns or in general ignore the right stick when running the ball. The AI is extremely prone to glitches when making repeated cuts with the left stick and it gives an unfair advantage to the offense when you do this. If you need any clarification on this rule please ask an admin.

On offense as a whole, you should not be running money plays all game and not pulling them out when the game needs to be won — especially if they make no sense to the situation. That means if you’re down by a score with near to no time left and 80 yards to go don’t pull out that QB option toss that you saw in a video on YouTube.

On defense we all know the playbook is less varied. However, you shouldn’t play all zone all game, or drop into coverage all game. You must also not do the opposite and show blitz or stack the box every down. There’s defensive schemes, and then there’s calling the same plays all game. We all know the difference, and people will call you out for it.

If it’s a close game and you’re trying to get a stop by calling all out blitzes every down, don’t be surprised if your opponent passes. Just because you’re losing doesn’t mean rules go out the window.


You CANNOT use Goal Line formation (on offense or defense) unless you or your opponent is about 10 yards from scoring in the end zone or within five yards of your own end zone. If you use coach suggestions be especially mindful of this.


You may not use field goal or punt fakes.

Do not intentionally punt short line drives or short pop ups, as both of these are known tactics to get the CPU to glitch and fumble the return.


You can only onside kick if you face one of these deficits:

  • Down by 21 points or more
  • Down in the 4th Quarter



You are allowed to manually move ONE player on defense and can’t switch to a different player. Please be in mind to stay in your player’s area when it comes to moving on defense (eg. FS shouldn’t be manually moved all the way down to the line of scrimmage). Stick to your zone! A quick example of this would be if you are supposed to play coverage as the designated play, you should NOT be blitzing. Adjusting responsibilities on plays is fine every once in a while (such as altering a zone, keeping a blitzing LB/DB back in zone) but it should not be happening all game long and should not be a regular habit on individual plays.

With regards to defensive line, if you are usering a defensive lineman he has to engage the OL in front of him. No looping around 15 yards to mess with the AI. You may NEVER set a blitzing DL into a zone.

Special Teams:

You may not manually move players on special teams prior to the snap. You may not user players as blockers on returns, although you may use the returner to hinder kick coverage players from downing the ball when not caught.


You may motion a player, however that player must be set before you hike the ball — and do not excessively motion players throughout the game. Additionally, do not call repeated audibles and hot routes every down.


  • You may no huddle within 2 minutes of the end of each half, regardless of the score (unless you are winning big late in the game).
  • You may no huddle during the 4th Quarter IF YOU ARE DOWN.
  • You may no huddle anytime down by 21+.


  • Don’t milk the clock all game — chew clock is acceptable in the final 2:00 of the game.
  • When you get a huge lead, run the ball to let the clock tick. Don’t keep passing or run out of bounds on purpose to stop the clock.
  • On the opposite side, do not call engage eight or run commit every down!
  • Do not Stat Pad. This means you do not keep throwing every down when you are up by a large margin or purposely getting players better stats so they look good in the books.
  • When the game is pretty much over (1+ score with time running out), kneel the ball. Do not run up the score.
  • You can trash talk, but keep it civil and don’t push it too far. There’s a difference between healthy competition and personal attacks.
  • The proper way of resolving issues is to pause the game and point out what a person is doing wrong. If it cannot be resolved this way, get an admin involved.
  • Quitting a game is considered possible grounds for an immediate boot from the league. Do not quit out on games or purposefully D/C against opponents.
  • Uniforms are the choice of the home team. If you’re not wearing colors, let your opponent know so we don’t have colors vs. colors or whites vs. whites stupidity going on.

Play sim against the CPU. This means you still follow our rules (i.e. there shouldn’t be an 8/8 4th down conversion statistic). Stat padding against the CPU and breaking records is considered grounds for an immediate suspension of the involved players.


QB -> QB
TE – > TE, FB
OT -> OT, OG, C
OG -> OT, OG, C
C -> OT, OG, C
4-3 DE -> DE, RLE, RDT, RRE
3-4 DE -> DT, DE, RLE, RDT, RRE
3-4 OLB -> OLB, RLE, RRE
K -> K
P -> P
KOS -> Either K or P

You may use sub-packages included in playbooks and you may use formation subs, but specifically subbing in players at illegal positions is not allowed.


Your HB should NOT be your leading receiver. If that’s the case, then you better start fixing your game plan. You shouldn’t be throwing to your HB as soon as you hike the ball let alone throwing to your receiver as soon as you hike the ball. If enough evidence shows that you are abusing your HB, consequences will be handed out.

If the defense is intentionally removing coverage from the running back, that is another case altogether and will be treated as such.

In addition, your TE should not be your no. 1 target all game and as such should not be leading your team in receiving statistics. I understand some TEs are dominant receivers but TE spam has always been an issue in Madden.

At the end of the season I will look at each member’s receiving leaders. If I see that your starting HB is your leading receiver, your HB will be suspended the first 5 games of the upcoming season. Repeat offense the following season will result in a boot. If I see your TE is your leading receiver your TE will be suspended for the first 2 games of the upcoming season and repeat offenses will result in further suspensions.


  • Use the pocket, that is what your offensive line is for.
  • Do NOT scramble as soon as you hike all the way to the sideline. PA Rollout does not mean you sprint to the sideline with the QB.
  • You should only scramble when you have to: when you’re about to get sacked.
  • Do NOT drop back tons of yards so that you can throw deep balls all game to your receivers.
  • Do NOT use pass rush as an excuse to scramble and pass from the sideline.

Under no circumstances should your quarterback lead your team in rushing attempts or yards. I understand option plays have been implemented in Madden for a few years now, but USE YOUR RUNNING BACK like a football team does. You may run option but this falls into the rules of play variation, meaning don’t run option all game long.


You may only go for it on 4th Down during these conditions:

  • You are down by at least 21 points any time.
  • 4th & 1 or 4th & Inches when past the 50 yard line into your opponent’s territory.
  • Down at any time during the 4th quarter.

If it is a close game and you’re just out of FG range, meaning a punt will net near to no yards, you may attempt a fourth down conversion. This should not be done repeatedly throughout a game.

If you are up by a large margin and you fall into a 4th & 1 eligible situation, punt the ball or kick the field goal, no matter what. Going for it on 4th Down when you’re up by a large margin does not show any sportsmanship to your opponent and reflects badly on the league.

Keep in mind that while you are allowed to go for it in these situations, you really should not be going for every 4th down when eligible. These rules are not in place to play four downs on offense.


Custom playbooks are not allowed, as there is no way to monitor this from simply being loaded with money plays.

There’s over 32 playbooks to choose from, you don’t need to make one to win in Madden. If people cannot follow this rule, you will be forced to display playbooks prior to every game.

Any playbook that does not vary formations (ex. Pistol) is also not allowed.


QB sneaks are not allowed.

FB dives are allowed within reason — meaning only a few times during a game and NEVER utilizing a halfback instead of a FB. If it’s third/fourth and short your go-to play should not be FB dive each time.


Disconnections are a part of EA’s recent Madden titles. When a D/C happens, please be civil and inquire with the other opponent — there are so many ways players can get booted from games (server disconnect, internet outage, power outage, game freezing) so give the opponent the benefit of the doubt at first. If you suspect that the D/C may have been blatant, address an admin immediately.

If a disconnection occurs any time in the first quarter, the game must be restarted unless it’s a blowout by at least 28 points.

If a disconnection occurs shortly before or after halftime, the scoreboard will decide the outcome:

  • A multi-score lead in the final minutes of the 2nd Quarter should be spotted to the opponent in some way as deemed appropriate by all involved — starting fresh when you were losing by a significant amount is an unfair advantage.
  • If there is a possibility of a comeback in the 3rd or 4th Quarter (at most 2 possessions), the game should be restarted with some kind of point spotting or compensation to the person who was leading — it isn’t fair to replay an entire game from scratch when it was late in a game.
  • If it occurs when one owner is destroying another (eg. score is 34-10 with 3:25 left in the 3rd) and a disconnection occurs the owner has the right to count the game or get a CPU game.

Usually, players can come to a consensus on how they want to handle a D/C. Any person who has continual problems with D/Cs will be addressed.

Please make smart/fair decisions on this and talk with the owner that was disconnected before doing anything drastic. I shouldn’t have to implement rulings on disconnects if you guys communicate the issue and make rational decisions on the outcome.


All teams must have a minimum roster size of 48 and a max of 53 players, excluding IR players.

Madden’s normal roster requirements apply, since the game will not allow you start playing another user until your roster meets minimum requirements. Remember, if you don’t meet the requirements, the game will add players and you will be responsible for these additions — which will be in violation of FA rules!


When attempting to sign a player off of another team’s practice squad, the original team will have first right of refusal — if they have not signed a practice squad player to their active roster within 24 hours of being notified of the other team’s interest then the inquiring team can then sign said player to their team.

If you notify somebody that you intend to sign one of their practice squad players and they do not respond, notify an admin. Additionally, if you notify somebody that you intend to sign one of their practice squad players and they choose not to promote said player to their active roster you MUST sign that player to the roster and keep them there — no going around scaring people with attempts to sign practice squad players left and right.

This isn’t an official rule in the NFL, but is often done with practice squad players — teams will sign their practice squad players to the active roster when another team inquires and it will keep arguments over roster sniping at a minimum.

Players released from practice squads will be subject to waivers as if they were released from an active roster.

DO NOT sign players from another practice squad and then cut them shortly afterwards. If you’re not going to keep a player, don’t sign them in the first place.


When playing the CPU in lieu of an absent owner or open team, make sure to check with the commissioner or an admin before starting a game, as players may have notified the commissioner of a situation or a new owner may be joining.

Do not run up the score as high as possible against the CPU — 55 points is the absolute maximum but should not be a regular event.

Stat padding is an issue to be monitored, but is more-so an issue against the CPU. Playing the CPU isn’t an excuse to rack up stats as much as possible. If you make a habit of it we’ll be forced to penalize player(s) to compensate.

Why do we care about this? Playing the CPU is not an opportunity to get your players in the running for awards or rack up player XP.


The point of playing Madden is to compete and have fun, not break every record known to man. Beware that if you’re approaching an existing record your gameplay may be monitored to ensure you’re not stat padding. The admin group reserves the right to hand out suspensions if stat padding tendencies are displayed.


Players may be moved from left to right (and right to left) and FS to SS (and SS to FS) without a position change request. Although there are additional rules that allow other players to be moved, any moves other than L/R and FS/SS must be approved by the commissioner prior to moving the player.

Players that have been moved by the CPU may be moved back to their original position without commissioner approval (or may have already been done by an admin).

You may edit players to change gear (as long as you don’t make your entire team the same obnoxious look), but you may not edit names, colleges, ages, height/weight, player type or anything else. It is impossible to keep track of players if people are constantly changing player information and some of these change player goals and how they play on the field.

For further information on position changes, view the Position Change page.


The trade limit is six trades per season, with the cycle starting at the beginning of the offseason and ending at the trade deadline. You may not trade players signed in FA or rookies in the first year of their contract. Players also may not be traded after acquiring via trade in the same season cycle. Picks may be traded multiple times.

Minor trades will not count against the trade limit. You may trade picks in rounds 5-7 and players under 75 overall without counting against the limit.

A new rule that people must keep in mind is that you may not re-sign players just to trade them. If a player is up for re-signing either during the season or at the end of the season, if you re-sign them they MUST remain on your roster for the following season. This rule is intended to increase offseason FA activity, diminish cap penalties from trading players that were just re-signed and to limit the amount of players re-signed just for trades. Low overall players (under 75 overall) are exempt from this rule.

Trades must be sent to the commissioner by both parties and will be reviewed by the admin group for fairness. Trades may not be made in game without approval. All trades involving more than four picks/players on one side will count as two trades.

There will be additional posted rules concerning trading for the first season of each franchise.

To submit a trade or view trade history, view the Submit a Trade page.


There is no limit to signings and cuts per week, however you may not cut and sign players back just to get a more favorable contract.

In this league we have a waivers system to regulate the signing of recently cut players. This means any player who is released during the regular season will be subjected to waivers, with each team in reverse order of power rankings having a shot at picking up players. Every player will be on waivers for at least 24 hours, clearing and becoming a free agent the next night at midnight Eastern Time if nobody places a claim.

Waivers updates will be posted every night at or near midnight Eastern Time. League members will be responsible for knowing who is currently on waivers and correctly adhering to the system.

There is a FA draft held after advancing to each preseason, after which FA rules will return to the norm (listed above).

To place a waiver claim, view the Waiver Claim page.


If you have broken a rule you will be notified by the commissioner. If you receive three strikes you will be subject to a possible ban.

League suspensions have been compiled for common viewing on the Suspensions Page.