Player Regression


Player regression has been a touchy subject for years in Madden, and Madden 18 is no different. While EA may have updated the regression to limit speed reduction season to season, other ratings like ACC and AGI will still tank for older players.

With that in mind we’ve developed a regression system that will limit the regression of players and has a chance to start at 28 years old (like in Madden) but would be far less brutal in how much players regress season to season.

I will preface the following with this statement: using our regression model is voluntary and will not be done unless requested. I am not going through and editing players unless people take the time to submit regression requests properly.

The regression model and records can be seen here.

If you notice, regression depends on a few things – development, age and goals. The regression is also split into athletic ratings and all ratings – younger players may begin to regress athletically at 28 (or not, if you take a look at the model there is a chance of no regression that will be calculated by random number generator).

Before anybody rages about athletic regression at 28, I will point out the maximum regression is 1 point for athletic ratings and that your average athlete begins to regress in athleticism before 28 years old and we’re only using this benchmark because that’s when regression in Madden tends to kick in.

Any players under 28 that regress for any reason submit the below form and I will reverse the regression – EA’s in-season regression and end of season regression is not kind to young players for no good reason.

Additionally all in-season regression will be negated as long as it is submitted properly.

THIS REGRESSION REPLACES EA’S REGRESSION FOR THAT PLAYER. If the result is that more ratings are affected by the regression, that result is final. Keep this in mind when submitting regression for review.

You will be alerted when an admin has approved your request and edited your player. Be aware that due to volume of requests in the offseason it may take a few in-game weeks to get requests processed, but they will be completed before the upcoming preseason.