Player Regression

Player regression has been a touchy subject for years in Madden, and Madden 20 is no different.

With that in mind we’ve developed a regression system that will limit the regression of players and starts at 30 years old, but would be far less brutal in how much players regress season to season.

I will preface the following with this statement: using our regression model is voluntary and will not be done unless requested. I am not going through and editing players unless people take the time to submit regression requests properly.

The regression model and records can be seen here.

The first kind of regression that will be affected is development – which usually happens when the regular season has concluded. We’re basing development loss on playing time, because if a player can’t get on the field at all he probably shouldn’t have that development rating anyway.

If a player has logged at least 150 snaps for the season and loses development we will reverse it – please look this up yourself first before submitting!

Secondly, there is regression when the season ends, which can be brutal for some players and is seemingly random. We’re basing regression off of age – see below for specifics.

Any players under 30 that regress any ratings for any reason submit the below form and I will reverse the regression as long as an admin can verify the submitted info is correct.

Additionally all in-season regression will be negated as long as it is submitted properly.

  • 30-31 years old: -1 to all ratings
  • 32-34 years old: -2 to all ratings
  • 35 years and older: -3 to all ratings (assuming they don’t retire)

THIS REGRESSION REPLACES EA’S REGRESSION FOR THAT PLAYER. If the result is that more ratings are affected by the regression, that result is final. Keep this in mind when submitting regression for review.

You will be alerted when an admin has approved your request and edited your player. Be aware that due to volume of requests in the offseason it may take a few in-game weeks to get requests processed, but they will be completed before the upcoming regular season.

Submit Player Regression