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The trade limit is six trades per season, with the cycle starting at the beginning of the offseason and ending at the trade deadline. You may not trade players signed in FA or rookies drafted in rounds 1-5 in the first year of their contract. Players also may not be traded after acquiring via trade in the same season cycle. Picks may be traded multiple times.

A new rule that people must keep in mind is that you may not re-sign players just to trade them. If a player is up for re-signing either during the season or at the end of the season, if you re-sign them they MUST remain on your roster for the following season. This rule is intended to increase offseason FA activity, diminish cap penalties from trading players that were just re-signed and to limit the amount of players re-signed just for trades. Any player under 75 overall is exempt from this rule.

Trades involving only picks in rounds 5-7 and players under 75 overall will not count against trade limits.

Trades must be submitted by both parties and will be reviewed by the admin group for fairness. Trades may not be made in game without approval. All trades involving more than four picks/players on one side will count as two trades.

Additional Season 1 Rules:

  • You may not trade a player signed by, extended by or traded to your team this offseason
  • You may not trade a player drafted in rounds 1-5 in the 2018 NFL Draft
  • You may not trade 1st or 2nd Round Picks in the 2020 NFL Draft

Previous trades may be seen on the Trade Records sheet on Google Sheets.

To submit a trade, fill out the form below and click submit. BOTH TEAMS must submit a trade for it to be considered by the committee for approval.

Trade Submission Form