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Trades are never to be completed without first being approved by the admin group.

Each team is limited to six trades per season – beginning in the offseason when trading opens and ending at the trade deadline. Minor trades will not count against this limit – any trades with no pieces above a 69 overall or draft picks round 5-7 will not count against the six trade limit.

Additionally, you may only make one trade per season involving a 90+ overall player.

You may not trade players signed in free agency or players acquired via trade in the same season. Additionally, you may not trade any rookies in their first year.

For the first season of the franchise, all players are allowed to be moved (as all league members are “new” to their teams at the start of the franchise). However, any major trades will be heavily scrutinized during this time period.

Rules for new league members will vary depending on timing of joining the league. Any trade involving a new league member will receive additional scrutiny until they have completed one full season in EOTP. The following rules will be in effect depending on when joining the league:

  • Joined during regular season – probationary status until next season but may trade any players signed/drafted in the previous offseason.
  • Joined during rookie draft – probationary status until next season but may trade any players signed in the offseason. Normal rules apply for drafted players.
  • Joined during free agency – probationary status until next season with all normal trade rules applied.

Previous trades may be seen on the Trade Records sheet on Google Sheets.

To submit a trade, fill out the form below and click submit. BOTH TEAMS must submit a trade for it to be considered by the committee for approval.

Trade Submission Form