Submit a Position Change

Changes will be approved to play in another depth chart spot (if not currently allowed within rules) and then moved to said position in the offseason. If these players are NOT moved then you may be barred from future position changes.

Below are the basic guidelines for existing players:

  • FS/SS and left/right moves may be made without a petition
  • Blocking TEs may move to FB (with commissioner approval)
  • 4-3 LBs may move between OLB and MLB (with commissioner approval)
  • Individual players will be assessed on a case to case basis based on experience in the NFL (and college if they are young)

Position changes for drafted players are slightly different and will follow the below rules:

  • FS/SS and left/right moves may be made without a petition
  • TEs with “blocking” as their player style may move to FB (with commissioner approval)
  • TEs with under 70 CTH may move to FB (with commissioner approval)
  • 4-3 LBs may move between OLB and MLB (with commissioner approval)
  • 3-4 OLBs with under 75 FMV and PMV may move to MLB (with commissioner approval)
  • OT with under 75 PBK may move to OG (with commissioner approval)
  • DEs under 260 lbs may move to OLB (with commissioner approval)
  • DEs over 280 lbs may move to DT (with commissioner approval)
  • DTs under 300 lbs may move to DE (with commissioner approval)
  • OLBs over 250 lbs may move to DE (with commissioner approval)
  • CBs under 85 SPD may move to FS/SS (with commissioner approval)

All position changes for drafted players MUST be made in their rookie season or they must then stay at their original position (with the exception of basic guidelines listed at the top of this page for all players and to reverse moves made by other teams).

Position changes must be submitted and approved before moving in game. If done incorrectly an admin will move said player back to the original position.

All changes must be kept until the following offseason. We will not allow players to be moved back and forth repeatedly during the season.

All position change decisions made by the commissioner are final.

Approved Position Changes:

  • OC Cody Whitehair to OG (Bears)
  • OLB Malik Jefferson to MLB (Bengals)
  • C Billy Price to OG (Bengals)
  • DE Zach Kerr to DT (Broncos)
  • DT Shelby Harris to DE (Broncos)
  • OLB Matt Milano to MLB (Broncos)
  • CB Ali Payne to FS (Broncos)
  • OLB Dylan Cole to MLB (Broncos)
  • DT Keldrick Moss to DE (Broncos)
  • DT Long Woods to DE (Broncos)
  • OT B.J. McCareins to OG (Broncos)
  • MLB Kwon Alexander to OLB (Buccaneers)
  • HB Mike Tolbert to FB (Cardinals)
  • DE Alexander Condren to DE (Cardinals)
  • OLB Gerard Banks to MLB (Cardinals)
  • Budda Baker CB to FS (Cardinals)
  • OLB Uchenna Nwosu to DE (Chargers)
  • OLB Jeremiah Attaochu DE (Chargers)
  • OT Ethan Hickok to OG (Chiefs)
  • OLB Breeland Speaks to DE (Chiefs)
  • MLB Denzel Perryman to OLB (Chiefs)
  • DE Taven Bryan to DT (Jaguars)
  • DE Calais Campbell to DT (Jaguars)
  • OT Austin Howard to OG (Packers)
  • DE Bruce Irvin to OLB (Raiders)
  • OLB Avery Moss to DE (Raiders)
  • MLB Marquel Lee to OLB (Raiders)
  • OLB Kylie Fitts to DE (Raiders)
  • OT Pearson Verdon to OG (Raiders)
  • MLB Kenny Young to OLB (Raiders)
  • MLB Tate Day to OLB (Raiders)
  • MLB Spencer Kilmer to OLB (Raiders)
  • OLB Kenny Young to MLB (Raiders)
  • MLB Travin Howard to OLB (Raiders)
  • OLB Jordan Coady to MLB (Raiders)
  • HB Jaylen Samuels to TE (Raiders)
  • MLB Mark Barron to OLB (Rams)
  • OLB Samson Ebukam to DE (Rams)
  • DE Michael Brockers DE to DT (Rams)
  • OT Ty Nsekhe to OG (Redskins)
  • MLB Zach Vigil to OLB (Redskins)
  • MLB Josh Harvey-Clemens to OLB (Redskins)
  • OT Gerald Stevenson to OG (Redskins)
  • DT Marquavius Lewis to DE (Redskins)
  • OLB James Cross to MLB (Steelers)
  • OLB Jadeveon Clowney to DE (Texans)
  • DE Shaq Lawson to OLB (Titans) REVERSED by Rams
  • OLB Jordan Evans to MLB (Titans)
  • OLB Deone Bucannon to MLB (Titans)
  • DE Jurell Casey to DT (Titans)
  • DE Veneton Ashley to DT (Titans)

Approved to Play Sub-LB:

  • SS Kenny Vaccaro (Titans)

Denied Position Changes:

  • TE C.J. Uzomah to FB (Bengals)
  • OLB Lindsey Austin to DE (Bengals)
  • WR Kelvin Benjamin to TE (Packers)
  • C Trey Zimmer to OG (Redskins)
  • OLB Ryan Anderson to MLB (Redskins)
  • C Riley Lee to OG (Vikings)
  • OG Josh Kline to C (Dolphins)