Season 51 FA Bid Results

Below are the winning bids in the Preseason Week 1 FA bidding. Please note that these players must be signed by advance to the regular season – Friday 11:59 PM Eastern – or they may be signed by any team.

We are immediately moving to a waivers system following advance to preseason week 2 – essentially any players not bid on will be on waivers in order of the recent rookie draft.

NOTE: Any contracts submitted below $550k/year salary were boosted to meet that minimum.

  • C Joe Looney – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $2.08MM
  • CB Justin Hardee – Washington Redskins – 5 years, $2MM ($550k bonus)
  • CB Morris Claiborne – New Orleans Saints – 1 year, $565k
  • CB Rashad Vernon – Detroit Lions – 1 year, $550k
  • DT Akeem Spence – Kansas City Chiefs – 2 years, $1.1MM
  • DT Corey Liuget – New England Patriots – 2 years, $1.5MM ($250k bonus)
  • DT Corey Peters – New Orleans Saints – 1 year, $565k
  • DT Trey Tucker – Denver Broncos – 4 years, $2.2MM
  • FB C.J. Ham – Arizona Cardinals – 1 year, $1.5MM
  • FB Keith Smith – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $750k
  • FS Jordan Lucas – Los Angeles Rams – 2 years, $1.2MM
  • HB Bo Scarbrough – Oakland Raiders – 4 years, $2.5MM
  • HB Jalen Richard – Oakland Raiders – 4 years, $4MM
  • LE A.J. Jefferson – Arizona Cardinals – 1 year $550k
  • LE Brandon Drew – Denver Broncos – 4 years, $2.2MM
  • LE Richard Hartman – Denver Broncos – 4 years, $2.2MM
  • LG Glenn Kerr – Detroit Lions – 1 year, $550k
  • LG J.R. Sweezy – Oakland Raiders – 3 years, $3MM
  • LG Joseph Noteboom – New York Giants – 3 years, $3MM ($1MM bonus)
  • LG Ted Karras – New Orleans Saints – 1 year, $550k
  • LG Xavier Su’a-Filo – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $3.3MM
  • LOLB Edmond Robinson – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $770k
  • LT Andre Smith – Oakland Raiders – 3 years, $3MM
  • LT Aviante Collins – Oakland Raiders – 2 years, $2MM
  • LT Bobby Evans Jr. – Dallas Cowboys – 4 years, $2.2MM
  • LT Donovan Smith – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $2.7MM
  • LT Matt Kalil – New York Giants – 1 year, $1MM ($200k bonus)
  • MLB Bryce Hager – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $1.13MM
  • MLB Deone Bucannon – Miami Dolphins – 3 years, $2MM ($750k bonus)
  • P Ryan Quigley – Arizona Cardinals – 1 year $1.3MM
  • QB Anthony Clarke – Denver Broncos – 4 years, $2.2MM
  • QB Hayden Nixon – Seattle Seahawks – 1 year, $600k
  • QB Mike Glennon – Kansas City Chiefs – 1 year, $550k
  • RE Joe Barr – Atlanta Falcons – 2 years, $1.1MM
  • RE Obum Gwachum – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $770k
  • RG Alex Redmond – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year $2.38MM
  • RG Michael Schofield III – Oakland Raiders – 2 years, $4MM
  • RT DeAngelo Alexis – New England Patriots – 5 years, $2.75MM ($125k bonus)
  • RT Matt Felier – New Orleans Saints – 1 year, $550k
  • RT Richie Andrews – Miami Dolphins – 4 years, $2.88MM ($1MM bonus)
  • SS Carlos Griffin – Miami Dolphins – 2 years, $1.1MM
  • SS Jaylen Watkins – New Orleans Saints – 1 year, $650k
  • TE Charles Clay – Seattle Seahawks – 1 year, $3MM ($500k bonus)
  • TE Maxx Williams – Oakland Raiders – 4 years, $4MM
  • TE Moritz Boehriger – Arizona Cardinals – 1 year $1.5MM
  • TE Vernon Davis – Washington Redskins – 1 year $550k ($10k bonus)
  • WR Breshad Perriman – Dallas Cowboys – 4 years, $2MM ($400k bonus)
  • WR Demarcus Robinson – Miami Dolphins – 3 years, $1.8MM ($525k bonus)
  • WR Isaiah McKenzie – Washington Redskins – 4 years, $2.2MM ($60k bonus)
  • WR Jordan Matthews – New Orleans Saints – 1 year, $550k
  • WR Kendrick Bourne – Miami Dolphins – 4 years, $2.4MM ($1MM bonus)
  • WR Laquon Treadwell – New Orleans Saints – 1 year, $750k ($250k bonus)
  • WR Saeed Blacknall – Los Angeles Rams – 1 year, $950k

Preseason 51 FA & Schedule

Preseason Schedule is as follows:

  • Advance to Pre-Week 2: 11:59 PM Eastern Thursday 10/17
  • Advance to Pre-Week 3: 8 PM Eastern Friday 10/18
  • Advance to Pre-Week 4: 10 PM Eastern Friday 10/18
  • Advance to Regular Season: 11:59 PM Eastern Friday 10/18

Do not sign ANY FA on Thursday! Make sure to cut down your roster to 63 (53 plus 10 practice squad players) by Friday night.

If you have roster minimums you need to fill contact an admin and they will supply you with a really bad player from FA (no handouts, so don’t think just because you don’t have a punter you get the best in FA).

FA Rules

We will NOT be doing a FA draft this preseason. Instead, we will bid on players. The best contract gets the player!

This will take into account contract length, bonus amount and salary amount. Winning contracts will be posted Thursday night at 11:59 PM Eastern. These players will be reserved to that team until advance to the regular season – if not signed they’re fair game week 1 of the regular season.

Minimum Bid: 550k per season

Submit Your Bids Here

After the first day of bidding we will immediately revert to 24 hour waivers since so many players were sniped last year during preseason.

Activity Bonuses

In addition, we’re rewarding everybody who played at least 13 games last season (and did not miss any events or violate any rules) with a single player bump from normal to star development. Please alert an admin of your choice and we’ll make the change. Full list of eligible people and selected players is below.

  • AZxRusH (Packers)
  • Bizekidz (Titans)
  • ChicagoRilla407 (Chiefs)
  • edgarh33 (Falcons) – RE Irvin Knighton
  • Fenrir2772 (Giants) – QB Daniel Jones
  • Hellcat3 (Ravens) – RE Jameson Thomas
  • Hofmeister929 (Cowboys)
  • iBolivian (Dolphins)
  • LyfeSentence (Redskins)
  • Mambamelter24 (Seahawks) – SS Marquise Blair
  • Phenom912 (Eagles)
  • PhillyDieHard90 (Colts) – SS Vonn Lowry
  • ShakeNTaake (Bears)
  • SweetMojaveRain (Raiders) – WR Equanimeous St. Brown
  • ViolentByDesign (Patriots) – MLB Ja’Whaun Bentley
  • Warmaster91 (Broncos) – QB Drew Lock
  • WarrenGotStick (49ers)
  • xLeddyx (Jets)
  • Yermomza (Saints) – RE Marcus Davenport
  • Zephyr8704 (Panthers)

This is incentive to get active and stay active!

Offseason 50 Schedule

Congrats to Warren on his 30-23 EOTP Madden Bowl L victory over Smith!

We’ll tentatively be following the below schedule for the offseason. I will be tagging everybody in chat to update you on the schedule as we advance.

If everybody completes their re-signings quickly we’ll be able to advance to free agency early.


We will be advancing past re-signs Monday (10/14) night at 11:59 PM Eastern.

For this offseason, the maximum contract length you can offer is five years.


We’ll be using a revised system for free agency this offseason. Make sure to follow the below rules or you will be directed to release any players you sign:

  • The maximum contract length allowed is five years
  • The maximum bid amount is 150 points
  • The minimum bid amount is 30 points

Admins will be watching bids prior to every advance to ensure these three rules are followed. Any players signed to contracts that violate these rules must be immediately released.

Get your bids in early and often leading up to the first advance if you’re really worried about losing out on players – many high profile players now sign on the first FA advance.

All listed advances are within 15 minutes of the posted time to avoid blatant sniping.

  • First Advance: Tuesday (10/15) 8 PM Eastern
  • Second Advance: Tues. 10 PM Eastern
  • Third Advance: Tues. 11:59 PM Eastern


The 2020 NFL Draft will be held at 9:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday Oct. 16.

The first round I will be giving people 5 minutes per pick if they want it to negotiate trades – if you want to pick quicker feel free. Each round after that I will skip people who either A) did not show for their first round pick or B) did not RSVP for the draft and are not active in the chat at the time. Rounds 2-7 will proceed at normal pick clock.

As mentioned above, please RSVP to the draft post in the scheduling thread to indicate either attending or not attending.

Remember that all trades require approval from the committee so be prepared for late trades to take some time to be approved.


We had some issues with getting games schedule this season that will need to be rectified. It is expected that both users communicate on the first day of advance to schedule their games. Force wins and AP games will not be rewarded if you fail to at least attempt scheduling on the first day.

One of the admin group will have a talk with you if scheduling continues to be an issue, especially if play windows are small and change at the last moment repeatedly.


We’re all still adjusting to Madden 20, however there were some behaviors across the league that need to be worked on. First, if you have not completely read the rules and understood your responsibilities, do so now before the next season starts.

As a reminder, you are not permitted to move players prior to the snap on any special teams downs and you are only permitted to move one player prior to the snap on defense. You are then expected to at least user that player for the start of the snap (and not just to move two steps and then swap to another player) – so don’t be moving safeties to the box and then immediately changing to a different player!

Defensive adjustments and playcalling must also be varied, meaning that you may not press every down, show blitz every down or call the same 4 plays on defense over and over. This is a sim league and we expect play variation on offense and defense.


Due to the addition of abilities for superstar and X-factor players, position changes were completely removed for season 1 as we decided how to handle things.

We will be creating a channel in Discord for submitting position changes (to follow rules that will be posted later this offseason in complete form). You will be expected to wait for approval before making any changes in the franchise. Additionally, superstar and X-factor players will still not be permitted to change positions in any way due to abilities.

Failure to follow these rules will result in severe punishments. Any superstar or X-factor moved will have their development dropped to normal (for superstar) and star (for X-factor) with an additional rating penalty to be handled on a player by player basis.

Simply put, do not make any position changes without admin approval.


We’re making a few adjustments to league settings for the upcoming season as a result of user and admin feedback.

First off, we’re going to boost quarter length from 7 minutes to 8 minutes. With the new clock run off mechanics for Madden 20 the games are simply moving too quickly and allowing single drives to consume most of a quarter.

Secondly, we are going to boost XP on all offensive line positions to 110% in an attempt to help with the obvious pass rush issues in the past season and balance the rosters a bit since the day one rosters were very light on OL ratings in comparison to DL and edge rushers.

We’ll announce additional changes and rule edits prior to the season’s start. If you have any suggestions or comments about the existing set of rules, please talk to an admin and we can discuss it as a committee.

Updated Activity Tracker

As we move into the playoffs of our first season of Madden 20, it was about time that we updated the activity tracker.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

Other than some visual improvements I wanted to clarify what each status means both short term and long term in the league.

What’s on the League Standing page?

This page compiles all league activity pages in one going back to Madden 17. As is the case with the home page, there are links to every season’s page on the top row.

There are four different statuses throughout the Madden cycle with two additional statuses leading up to a new Madden.

  • “Good” league standing indicates that a user has been active for repeated seasons without any rule violations.
  • “In Review” league standing indicates the admin group is taking several aspects into consideration before judging a user as having Good standing or being relegated to Probationary standing.
  • “Probation” status is assigned to users who either failed to meet activity marks for the previous season, egregiously violated a rule or are new to the league. This status comes with some caveats as a league member and requires a full season of activity to be removed.
  • “Removed” is a fairly simple status – whether the user quit, was kicked for inactivity or banned for an extreme issues…they’re not longer in the league.
  • “Reserved” is only used between Maddens to indicate said user has been rewarded with the option to keep their same team. Only users who were active for all seasons will be rewarded with this status.
  • “Not Reserved” is only used between Maddens to indicate said user has a spot for the next Madden but has not been awarded their existing team (and will have to enter the team draft).

What’s on the Season Standing pages?

The status for each league member on these pages is limited to the existing season.

  • “Secure” means you have not yet broken the threshold of four simmed/AP games or had any disciplinary actions taken. Players are rewarded with an activity boost to one player after receiving this status for a full season.
  • The “In Review” status is only used when a user has done something outside of basic activity (either in a positive or negative aspect) that the admin group is now considering whether the normal activity status is valid.
  • “In Jeopardy” indicates that the 4 game threshold has already been passed. Although this standing does not in and of itself indicate that a user is inactive it may when taking roster management and scheduling availability into account.
  • “Probation” is the default status for all new users in their first whole season. This is also assigned to any users who have violated league rules or ruled inactive for the previous season.
  • “Out” is only used once a user has been inactive for six games or has left the league. Repeatedly receiving this status may result in league removal.

We will continue to make improvements to the tracker for usage in evaluating league activity and for future team selection.

New Franchise is Live

In case anybody missed the news last week, EA’s first major patch to Madden 20 has led to many leagues restarting their franchises to integrate new features that would have been left out otherwise.

We have chosen to restart the league with as nearly identical rosters as possible to the old franchise. As of a few hours ago the new franchise is up and running (with a few small steps to go).

Everybody should be receiving invites shortly to join up. As with the first franchise, please make sure to join as your assigned/chosen team and create a new coach when you join. Do not make any edits or transactions at this time.

As soon as all 32 teams are again filled with coaches we’ll advance to preseason week 2, where a list of already completed trades will be posted for users to process in the game (trades are glitched for preseason week 1 and as such cannot be done until after advance).

Once those trades are done we will advance past preseason weeks 2 and 3 before pausing for users to make their practice squad cuts.

Afterwards we’ll advance to week 2, with week 1’s results simulated to match our previous results.

Please keep an eye on the announcements thread in Discord for further updates as we get started in the new franchise!

FA Bid Results

Below are the winning bids in the franchise launch FA draft. Please note that these players must be signed by advance to preseason week 2 – Tuesday 11:59 PM Eastern – or they may be signed by any team.

Additionally, any players not taken in the FA draft are fair game and cuts are now allowed. Please make sure to check the rules concerning player edits and position changes before editing any players.

NOTE: Any contracts submitted below $500k/year salary were boosted to meet that minimum.

  • C John Sullivan – Chiefs – 2 years, $6MM w/ $500k bonus
  • CB Christian Campbell – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • CB David Amerson – Broncos – 3 years, $4.5MM w/ $500k bonus
  • CB Dexter McDonald – Lions – 1 year, $2.75MM w/ $1MM bonus
  • CB Jalen Myrick – 49ers – 3 years, $13MM w/ $400k bonus
  • CB Morris Claiborne – Broncos – 1 year, $1MM w/ $500k bonus
  • FB Dmitri Flowers – Raiders – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • FB Marquez Williams – Seahawks – 3 years, $1.5MM w/ $500k bonus
  • FB Tre Madden – Falcons – 2 years, $1.3MM w/ $100k bonus
  • HB Boobie Williams – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • K Jonathan Brown – Falcons – 3 years, $1.5MM w/ $50k bonus
  • LE Muhammad Wilkerson – Dolphins – 2 years, $3.5MM
  • LE Robert Nkemdiche – Saints – 3 years, $8.6MM w/ $1.5MM bonus
  • LE William Hayes – Cowboys – 1 year, $4.5MM w/ $3MM bonus
  • LG J.J. Dielman – Colts – 1 year, $500k
  • LOLB Jacob Pugh – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • LOLB Nicholas Grigsby – Lions – 1 year, $2.25MM w/ $550k bonus
  • LT Desmond Harrison – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • LT Jermon Bushrod – Broncos – 1 year, $1MM
  • LT Toby Weathersby – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • MLB Anthony Wint – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • MLB Donald Payne – Colts – 3 years, $1.5MM w/ $50k bonus
  • MLB Gary Johnson – Lions – 1 year $750k w/ $50k bonus
  • MLB Manti Te’o – Broncos – 2 years, $2MM
  • MLB Terrance Smith – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • QB Brock Osweiler – Titans – 2 years, $850k w/ $250k bonus
  • HB Charcandrick West – Titans – 1 year, $1.75MM
  • RE Derrick Shelby – Dolphins – 3 years, $3MM
  • RG Brandon Fusco – Titans – 1 year, $3.75MM w/ $750k bonus
  • RG Clint Boling – Lions – 2 year, $12MM w/ $4MM bonus
  • RG Dorian Johnson – Dolphins – 4 years, $2.54MM w/ $100k bonus
  • ROLB Azeem Victor – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • ROLB Ejuan Price – Dolphins – 2 years, $2MM w/ $500k bonus
  • ROLB Nick Perry – Dolphins – 2 years, $4MM w/ $1MM bonus
  • RT Jermey Parnell – Seahawks – 1 year, $4.24MM w/ $1MM bonus
  • SS Eric Berry – Cowboys – 1 year, $5MM w/ $5MM bonus
  • SS Zedrick Woods – Patriots – 4 years, $2MM w/ $500k bonus
  • TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins – Raiders – 5 years, $25MM w/ $5MM bonus
  • TE Temuchin Hodges – Dolphins – 4 years, $2.54MM w/ $180k bonus
  • TE Troy Niklas – Falcons – 2 years, $1.5MM w/ $200k bonus
  • WR ArDarius Stewart – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • WR Cameron Meredith – Saints – 4 years, $12MM w/ $4MM bonus
  • WR Carlos Henderson – Broncos – 4 years, $8MM w/ $1.5MM bonus
  • WR Dez Bryant – Raiders – 4 years, $20MM w/ $5MM bonus
  • WR Dylan Cantrell – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • WR Martavis Bryant – Bears – 2 years, $4.1MM w/ $1MM bonus

Franchise Launch FA Bidding

This year to start off the franchise we’re not doing a free agent draft and instead will open up bidding.

Bidding will be open from now until just before midnight on Sunday (8/11 11:59 PM Eastern).

There are a few ground rules:

  • Maximum 5 year contracts
  • Minimum $500,000/year salary
  • All winning bids MUST be signed to their roster or forfeit future FA

The winning bid will be picked by the admin team based upon average salary per year and bonus (guaranteed money).

Submit your bids here!

EOTP Madden 20 is Live

The league is live and invites are now going out!

Ground rules for joining are simple:

  • Create a NEW coach
  • Do not make any transactions or player edits at all
  • Do not play your preseason game until we announce the preseason is open

Our rough schedule is below. Please note that this schedule may vary by a day or two if people do not join up, however if you do not join by Saturday (8/10) at 11:59 PM Eastern you will not be eligible for any free agents during the preseason.

  • Saturday 8/10 11:59 PM Eastern – Soft Deadline to Join
  • Sunday 8/11 12 AM – 11:59 PM Eastern – FA Bidding Period
  • Sunday 8/11 11:59 PM Eastern – Hard Deadline to Join
  • Preseason Week 1 – Mon. 8/12 12 AM – Tues. 8/13 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 2 – Wed. 8/14 12 AM – Thurs. 8/15 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 3 – Fri. 8/16 12 AM – Sat. 8/17 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 4 – Sun. 8/18 12 AM – Mon. 8/19 11:59 PM Eastern

Just a small note about the preseason: we are playing out the preseason at normal regular season pace so that everybody can get their roster cuts done, familiarize themselves with the rules and to make sure all 32 people are going to be here heading into the regular season.

You are expected to play your preseason games!

Welcome to EOTP Madden 20

It’s that time of year again, and after a much too long hiatus EOTP Madden is back for Madden 20!

First off, if you haven’t picked up Madden 20 already please do so as soon as possible! We’re planning to start up within a week or two of launch day rather than waiting for the Week 1 roster update.

Also, be aware that we will be posting a finalized set of rules for week 1 of the regular season. Until then, the existing rules are to remain in effect.

The first step in setting up for Madden 20 is to get teams picked and off the market. We have a few spots still open and knowing what teams are definitively open it’s easier to recruit for those spots.

Below is the list of teams as they are selected. A choice few of you have been given the option to retain your teams from Madden 19 for this year’s franchise. Otherwise, the remaining teams will be selected by random order.

Baltimore Ravens – H E L L C A T 3
Cincinnati Bengals – hog501
Cleveland Browns – campstar25
Pittsburgh Steelers – Airjordan8736
Houston Texans – onthree
Indianapolis Colts – PhillyDieHard90
Jacksonville Jaguars – JW00d1313
Tennessee Titans – Bizekidz
Buffalo Bills – Yaozer031
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots – V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN
New York Jets – x LEDDY x
Denver Broncos – Warmaster91
Kansas City Chiefs – Chicagorilla407
Los Angeles Chargers – iCs Wings
Oakland Raiders – OmniRevenant
Chicago Bears – ShakeNTaake
Detroit Lions – UrbanaStylee84
Green Bay Packers – AZxRusH
Minnesota Vikings – Supastar2
Atlanta Falcons – Edgarh33
Carolina Panthers – CarPantherFan59
New Orleans Saints – Yermomza
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dallas Cowboys – hofmeister929
New York Giants – Fenrir2772
Philadelphia Eagles – Phenom 912
Washington Redskins – LYFESENTENCE
Arizona Cardinals – cp90
Los Angeles Rams – twheel21
San Francisco 49ers – WarrenGotStick
Seattle Seahawks – MambaMelter24

Preseason FA Signings

The following bids have been won by the listed team. All contracts will be edited once the player has been signed.

  • DT Corey Liuget – Saints – 1 year, $1MM w/ $200k bonus
  • FB C.J. Ham – Saints – 4 years, $2.4MM
  • FB Anthony Sherman – Saints – 1 year $1.05MM w/ $200k bonus
  • HB D’Onta Foreman – Saints – 3 years $3.75MM w/ $750k bonus
  • K Harrison Butker – Raiders – 4 years, $4MM
  • LE Shelby Harris – Saints – 2 years, $1.75MM
  • LOLB Ogbonna Okoronkwo – Falcons – 2 years, $1.3MM w/ $200k bonus
  • MLB Jack Cichy – Falcons – 3 years, $1.8MM w/ $800k bonus
  • MLB Shaun Dion Hamilton – 1 year, $850k
  • RE Carl Nassib – Saints – 3 years, $2.5MM
  • RE DaQuan Jones – Saints – 3 years, $3.1MM
  • ROLB Richard Jarvis – Falcons – 1 year, $800k
  • TE Jeff Heuerman – Saints – 2 years, $2.5MM w/ $500k bonus
  • TE Nick Boyle – Bears – 1 year, $1MM w/ $250k bonus
  • WR Alshon Jeffery – Raiders – 2 years, $5MM
  • WR Donte Moncrief – Saints – 2 years, $2.75MM w/ $250k bonus

These players must be signed by the end of the preseason or they’ll revert to being free for anybody to sign. All other FA are free to be signed at this time.