Preseason 51 FA & Schedule

Preseason Schedule is as follows:

  • Advance to Pre-Week 2: 11:59 PM Eastern Friday 12/06
  • Advance to Pre-Week 3: 8 PM Eastern Saturday 12/07
  • Advance to Pre-Week 4: 10 PM Eastern Saturday 12/07
  • Advance to Regular Season: 11:59 PM Eastern Saturday 12/07

Do not sign ANY FA on Friday! Make sure to cut down your roster to 63 (53 plus 10 practice squad players) by Saturday night.

If you have roster minimums you need to fill contact an admin and they will supply you with a really bad player from FA (no handouts, so don’t think just because you don’t have a punter you get the best in FA).

FA Rules

We will NOT be doing a FA draft this preseason. Instead, we will bid on players. The best contract gets the player!

This will take into account contract length, bonus amount and salary amount. Winning contracts will be posted Friday night at 11:59 PM Eastern. These players will be reserved to that team until advance to the regular season – if not signed they’re fair game week 1 of the regular season.

Minimum Bid: 550k per season

Submit Your Bids Here

After the first day of bidding we will immediately revert to 24 hour waivers since so many players were sniped last year during preseason.

Activity Bonuses

In addition, we’re rewarding everybody who played at least 13 games last season (and did not miss any events or violate any rules) with a single player bump from normal to star development. Please alert an admin of your choice and we’ll make the change. Full list of eligible people and selected players is below.

  • AZxRusH (Packers)
  • Bizekidz (Titans) – CB Jermarcus Powers
  • Campstar25 (Browns) – LOLB Sione Takitaki
  • edgarh33 (Falcons) – DT Wyatt Kinney
  • Fenrir2772 (Giants) – RT Edward Stallworth
  • Hellcat3 (Ravens)
  • iBolivian (Dolphins) – LG Deveon McKnight
  • LyfeSentence (Redskins)
  • Lynxst3r (Chargers)
  • Mambamelter24 (Seahawks) – LT Andrew Weary
  • Phenom912 (Eagles) – WR Max Hill
  • SweetMojaveRain (Raiders) – QB Glenn Slack
  • ViolentByDesign (Patriots) – QB Jarrett Stidham
  • Warmaster91 (Broncos) – LT Nathan Fowler
  • WarrenGotStick (49ers)
  • Yaozer031 (Bills) – WR Emanuel Hall
  • Yermomza (Saints) – WR Mike Parks

This is incentive to get active and stay active!

Offseason 51 Schedule

Congrats to Warren on his 79-23 EOTP Madden Bowl LI victory over Lynx!

We’ll tentatively be following the below schedule for the offseason. I will be tagging everybody in chat to update you on the schedule as we advance.

If everybody completes their re-signings quickly we’ll be able to advance to free agency early.


We will be advancing past re-signs Tuesday (12/03) night at 11:59 PM Eastern.

For this offseason, the maximum contract length you can offer is five years.


We’ll be using a revised system for free agency this offseason. Make sure to follow the below rules or you will be directed to release any players you sign:

  • The maximum contract length allowed is five years
  • The maximum bid amount is 150 points
  • The minimum bid amount is 30 points

Admins will be watching bids prior to every advance to ensure these three rules are followed. Any players signed to contracts that violate these rules must be immediately released.

Get your bids in early and often leading up to the first advance if you’re really worried about losing out on players – many high profile players now sign on the first FA advance.

All listed advances are within 15 minutes of the posted time to avoid blatant sniping.

  • First Advance: Wednesday (12/04) 8 PM Eastern
  • Second Advance: Wed. 10 PM Eastern
  • Third Advance: Wed. 11:59 PM Eastern


The 2020 NFL Draft will be held at 9:00 PM Eastern on Thursday Dec. 5.

The first round I will be giving people 5 minutes per pick if they want it to negotiate trades – if you want to pick quicker feel free. Each round after that I will skip people who either A) did not show for their first round pick or B) did not RSVP for the draft and are not active in the chat at the time. Rounds 2-7 will proceed at normal pick clock.

As mentioned above, please RSVP to the draft post in the scheduling thread to indicate either attending or not attending.

Remember that all trades require approval from the committee so be prepared for late trades to take some time to be approved.


Due to the addition of abilities for superstar and X-factor players, position changes were completely removed for season 1 as we decided how to handle things. We changed this for season 2 after some deliberation.

The Position Changes channel in Discord is for submitting position changes. The full rules are pinned in the Position Changes channel. You will be expected to wait for approval before making any changes in the franchise. Additionally, superstar and X-factor players will still not be permitted to change positions in any way due to abilities.

Failure to follow these rules will result in severe punishments. Any superstar or X-factor moved will have their development dropped to normal (for superstar) and star (for X-factor) with an additional rating penalty to be handled on a player by player basis.

Simply put, do not make any position changes without admin approval.


As always, we’re looking to make changes to improve EOTP season to season. We’re making a few adjustments to league operations for the upcoming season as a result of user and admin feedback.

Effective immediately, trades will be submitted directly to Violent, our chief trade officer. Both users must still submit their trades with all details (including full name and position for players; year, round and team for draft picks). Our goal is to decrease the amount of time between trade submission and review.

Additionally, depth chart exceptions for Rush DE and Sub-LB (required for all pass rushing OLBs to play Rush DE and safeties to play Sub-LB2/3) are to be posted for approval in the Position Changes channel in Discord rather than submitted via form on the website. This is also being done to speed up the process of approvals.

We will be keeping a closer eye on depth charts for this upcoming season. If you are not familiar with the depth chart rules I would recommend reading through the league rules once again to make sure your depth chart is in compliance.

We may announce additional changes and rule edits prior to the season’s start. If you have any suggestions or comments about the existing set of rules, please talk to an admin and we can discuss it as a committee.

Playoffs Preview & Reminders

We’ve reached the playoffs! Good luck to everybody in their hunt for the EOTP Bowl 51 title!


6-seed Broncos (War) vs. 3-seed Titans (Bize)
4-seed Browns (Camp) vs. 5-seed Bills (Yao)
BYE WEEK: 1-seed Ravens (Hell) & 2-seed Chargers (Lynx)


6-seed Cardinals (Judah) vs. 3-seed Eagles (Phenom)
4-seed Seahawks (Mamba) vs. 5-seed Falcons (Edgar)
BYE WEEK: 1-seed 49ers (Warren) & 2-seed Bears (Shake)


9-time EOTP champion Warren enters the playoffs as the favorite, however 8-time champion (and 14-time finalist) Hell is hoping to challenge yet again in what would be their fourth competition for the title.

A number of other contenders should not be written off, as Camp enters the playoffs a 2-time champion in five total title appearances during his relatively short tenure in the league. Yao enters a 6-time champion in 10 total appearances, although his most recent title dates back to Madden 17.

Shake enters the playoffs with an impressive 14-2 record and a 392 point differential, although he has not yet made an appearance in the title game since joining EOTP. Lynx isn’t far behind with a 14-2 record and a 322 point differential, also looking for his first EOTP Bowl appearance since joining earlier this year.

EOTP Bowl 51 would be War’s third appearance (with no title wins), Edgar’s second appearance (also without a win) and a first appearance for Bize, Judah, Phenom and Mamba.

Game times and streams will be posted in chat when available.


Please do not cut any players during the playoffs! This will cause issues with age and years pro on each player cut. Refrain from making any player edits until the offseason.

Madden 20 Franchise Mode is Down

If you’ve been noticing intermittent issues with our franchise (and several other franchises) in the past couple of weeks, you’re not alone.

As of today, the Madden CFM team has announced all franchises are down and they will provide an update on Tuesday. Obviously this means EOTP will not be advancing until the franchise is back up and running.

We’ll keep an eye on things and alert when EA releases more or the franchise servers are back up.