Offseason 53 Schedule

Congrats to Ismith93 on his 20-13 EOTP Madden Bowl LIII victory over LYFESENTENCE!

We’ll tentatively be following the below schedule for the offseason. I will be tagging everybody in chat to update you on the schedule as we advance.


We will be advancing past re-signs at 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday night (Jul. 6).

For this offseason the maximum contract length that can be offered is five years. If you surpass this number the contract will be edited to one year at the same total amount as punishment.

If all teams have completed their re-signings quickly (prior to the deadline) we’ll be able to advance to free agency early to extend the first free agency week.


We’ll be using both a revised system for free agency and a slower schedule for this offseason. Make sure to follow the below rules or you will be penalized for every player illegally signed:

  • The maximum contract length allowed is five years
  • The maximum bid amount is 150 points
  • The minimum bid amount is 30 points

Admins will be watching bids prior to every advance to ensure these three rules are followed. The advances will be spaced out more than previous offseasons to make sure all teams have an opportunity to put in multiple bids.

All listed advances are within 15 minutes of the posted time to avoid blatant bid sniping:

  • First Advance: Tuesday (Jul. 7) 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Second Advance: Wednesday (Jul. 8) 8 PM Eastern
  • Third Advance: Wednesday (Jul. 8) 11:59 PM Eastern


The 2020 NFL Draft will be split into two nights this offseason:

  • Rounds 1 & 2: Thursday Jul. 9 at 9:00 PM Eastern
  • Rounds 3-7: Friday Jul. 10 at 9:00 PM Eastern

There will be posts in the Announcements channel within Discord to RSVP for either night – make sure to indicate if you will be attending so that admins know whether to sim picks and keep the draft moving.

There will be an EOTP Draft Broadcast for Thursday night – further details will be posted in the Discord chat.


  • Position changes must be posted and approved in the Position Changes channel before being processed in-game.
  • The EOTP Regression System is back for another offseason – submit a regression review here for each player.
  • Trades are to be sent to the commissioner by both teams to be reviewed and approved by the trade committee. Please note that if the trade details are not exact, including the full player name/position and any pick information, it will slow down the review process.

Please note that further communications during the offseason will be posted in the Discord chat for quick dissemination. We may also announce rule changes leading into the upcoming season – if you have any suggestions please talk to an admin so it can be put to a committee discussion/vote.

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