Playoffs Preview & Reminders

We’ve reached the playoffs! Good luck to everybody in their hunt for the EOTP Bowl 51 title!


6-seed Broncos (War) vs. 3-seed Titans (Bize)
4-seed Browns (Camp) vs. 5-seed Bills (Yao)
BYE WEEK: 1-seed Ravens (Hell) & 2-seed Chargers (Lynx)


6-seed Cardinals (Judah) vs. 3-seed Eagles (Phenom)
4-seed Seahawks (Mamba) vs. 5-seed Falcons (Edgar)
BYE WEEK: 1-seed 49ers (Warren) & 2-seed Bears (Shake)


9-time EOTP champion Warren enters the playoffs as the favorite, however 8-time champion (and 14-time finalist) Hell is hoping to challenge yet again in what would be their fourth competition for the title.

A number of other contenders should not be written off, as Camp enters the playoffs a 2-time champion in five total title appearances during his relatively short tenure in the league. Yao enters a 6-time champion in 10 total appearances, although his most recent title dates back to Madden 17.

Shake enters the playoffs with an impressive 14-2 record and a 392 point differential, although he has not yet made an appearance in the title game since joining EOTP. Lynx isn’t far behind with a 14-2 record and a 322 point differential, also looking for his first EOTP Bowl appearance since joining earlier this year.

EOTP Bowl 51 would be War’s third appearance (with no title wins), Edgar’s second appearance (also without a win) and a first appearance for Bize, Judah, Phenom and Mamba.

Game times and streams will be posted in chat when available.


Please do not cut any players during the playoffs! This will cause issues with age and years pro on each player cut. Refrain from making any player edits until the offseason.

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