Updated Activity Tracker

As we move into the playoffs of our first season of Madden 20, it was about time that we updated the activity tracker.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

Other than some visual improvements I wanted to clarify what each status means both short term and long term in the league.

What’s on the League Standing page?

This page compiles all league activity pages in one going back to Madden 17. As is the case with the home page, there are links to every season’s page on the top row.

There are four different statuses throughout the Madden cycle with two additional statuses leading up to a new Madden.

  • “Good” league standing indicates that a user has been active for repeated seasons without any rule violations.
  • “In Review” league standing indicates the admin group is taking several aspects into consideration before judging a user as having Good standing or being relegated to Probationary standing.
  • “Probation” status is assigned to users who either failed to meet activity marks for the previous season, egregiously violated a rule or are new to the league. This status comes with some caveats as a league member and requires a full season of activity to be removed.
  • “Removed” is a fairly simple status – whether the user quit, was kicked for inactivity or banned for an extreme issues…they’re not longer in the league.
  • “Reserved” is only used between Maddens to indicate said user has been rewarded with the option to keep their same team. Only users who were active for all seasons will be rewarded with this status.
  • “Not Reserved” is only used between Maddens to indicate said user has a spot for the next Madden but has not been awarded their existing team (and will have to enter the team draft).

What’s on the Season Standing pages?

The status for each league member on these pages is limited to the existing season.

  • “Secure” means you have not yet broken the threshold of four simmed/AP games or had any disciplinary actions taken. Players are rewarded with an activity boost to one player after receiving this status for a full season.
  • The “In Review” status is only used when a user has done something outside of basic activity (either in a positive or negative aspect) that the admin group is now considering whether the normal activity status is valid.
  • “In Jeopardy” indicates that the 4 game threshold has already been passed. Although this standing does not in and of itself indicate that a user is inactive it may when taking roster management and scheduling availability into account.
  • “Probation” is the default status for all new users in their first whole season. This is also assigned to any users who have violated league rules or ruled inactive for the previous season.
  • “Out” is only used once a user has been inactive for six games or has left the league. Repeatedly receiving this status may result in league removal.

We will continue to make improvements to the tracker for usage in evaluating league activity and for future team selection.