New Franchise is Live

In case anybody missed the news last week, EA’s first major patch to Madden 20 has led to many leagues restarting their franchises to integrate new features that would have been left out otherwise.

We have chosen to restart the league with as nearly identical rosters as possible to the old franchise. As of a few hours ago the new franchise is up and running (with a few small steps to go).

Everybody should be receiving invites shortly to join up. As with the first franchise, please make sure to join as your assigned/chosen team and create a new coach when you join. Do not make any edits or transactions at this time.

As soon as all 32 teams are again filled with coaches we’ll advance to preseason week 2, where a list of already completed trades will be posted for users to process in the game (trades are glitched for preseason week 1 and as such cannot be done until after advance).

Once those trades are done we will advance past preseason weeks 2 and 3 before pausing for users to make their practice squad cuts.

Afterwards we’ll advance to week 2, with week 1’s results simulated to match our previous results.

Please keep an eye on the announcements thread in Discord for further updates as we get started in the new franchise!

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