New Franchise is Live

In case anybody missed the news last week, EA’s first major patch to Madden 20 has led to many leagues restarting their franchises to integrate new features that would have been left out otherwise.

We have chosen to restart the league with as nearly identical rosters as possible to the old franchise. As of a few hours ago the new franchise is up and running (with a few small steps to go).

Everybody should be receiving invites shortly to join up. As with the first franchise, please make sure to join as your assigned/chosen team and create a new coach when you join. Do not make any edits or transactions at this time.

As soon as all 32 teams are again filled with coaches we’ll advance to preseason week 2, where a list of already completed trades will be posted for users to process in the game (trades are glitched for preseason week 1 and as such cannot be done until after advance).

Once those trades are done we will advance past preseason weeks 2 and 3 before pausing for users to make their practice squad cuts.

Afterwards we’ll advance to week 2, with week 1’s results simulated to match our previous results.

Please keep an eye on the announcements thread in Discord for further updates as we get started in the new franchise!

FA Bid Results

Below are the winning bids in the franchise launch FA draft. Please note that these players must be signed by advance to preseason week 2 – Tuesday 11:59 PM Eastern – or they may be signed by any team.

Additionally, any players not taken in the FA draft are fair game and cuts are now allowed. Please make sure to check the rules concerning player edits and position changes before editing any players.

NOTE: Any contracts submitted below $500k/year salary were boosted to meet that minimum.

  • C John Sullivan – Chiefs – 2 years, $6MM w/ $500k bonus
  • CB Christian Campbell – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • CB David Amerson – Broncos – 3 years, $4.5MM w/ $500k bonus
  • CB Dexter McDonald – Lions – 1 year, $2.75MM w/ $1MM bonus
  • CB Jalen Myrick – 49ers – 3 years, $13MM w/ $400k bonus
  • CB Morris Claiborne – Broncos – 1 year, $1MM w/ $500k bonus
  • FB Dmitri Flowers – Raiders – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • FB Marquez Williams – Seahawks – 3 years, $1.5MM w/ $500k bonus
  • FB Tre Madden – Falcons – 2 years, $1.3MM w/ $100k bonus
  • HB Boobie Williams – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • K Jonathan Brown – Falcons – 3 years, $1.5MM w/ $50k bonus
  • LE Muhammad Wilkerson – Dolphins – 2 years, $3.5MM
  • LE Robert Nkemdiche – Saints – 3 years, $8.6MM w/ $1.5MM bonus
  • LE William Hayes – Cowboys – 1 year, $4.5MM w/ $3MM bonus
  • LG J.J. Dielman – Colts – 1 year, $500k
  • LOLB Jacob Pugh – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • LOLB Nicholas Grigsby – Lions – 1 year, $2.25MM w/ $550k bonus
  • LT Desmond Harrison – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • LT Jermon Bushrod – Broncos – 1 year, $1MM
  • LT Toby Weathersby – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • MLB Anthony Wint – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • MLB Donald Payne – Colts – 3 years, $1.5MM w/ $50k bonus
  • MLB Gary Johnson – Lions – 1 year $750k w/ $50k bonus
  • MLB Manti Te’o – Broncos – 2 years, $2MM
  • MLB Terrance Smith – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • QB Brock Osweiler – Titans – 2 years, $850k w/ $250k bonus
  • HB Charcandrick West – Titans – 1 year, $1.75MM
  • RE Derrick Shelby – Dolphins – 3 years, $3MM
  • RG Brandon Fusco – Titans – 1 year, $3.75MM w/ $750k bonus
  • RG Clint Boling – Lions – 2 year, $12MM w/ $4MM bonus
  • RG Dorian Johnson – Dolphins – 4 years, $2.54MM w/ $100k bonus
  • ROLB Azeem Victor – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • ROLB Ejuan Price – Dolphins – 2 years, $2MM w/ $500k bonus
  • ROLB Nick Perry – Dolphins – 2 years, $4MM w/ $1MM bonus
  • RT Jermey Parnell – Seahawks – 1 year, $4.24MM w/ $1MM bonus
  • SS Eric Berry – Cowboys – 1 year, $5MM w/ $5MM bonus
  • SS Zedrick Woods – Patriots – 4 years, $2MM w/ $500k bonus
  • TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins – Raiders – 5 years, $25MM w/ $5MM bonus
  • TE Temuchin Hodges – Dolphins – 4 years, $2.54MM w/ $180k bonus
  • TE Troy Niklas – Falcons – 2 years, $1.5MM w/ $200k bonus
  • WR ArDarius Stewart – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • WR Cameron Meredith – Saints – 4 years, $12MM w/ $4MM bonus
  • WR Carlos Henderson – Broncos – 4 years, $8MM w/ $1.5MM bonus
  • WR Dez Bryant – Raiders – 4 years, $20MM w/ $5MM bonus
  • WR Dylan Cantrell – Broncos – 3 years, $1.5MM
  • WR Martavis Bryant – Bears – 2 years, $4.1MM w/ $1MM bonus

Franchise Launch FA Bidding

This year to start off the franchise we’re not doing a free agent draft and instead will open up bidding.

Bidding will be open from now until just before midnight on Sunday (8/11 11:59 PM Eastern).

There are a few ground rules:

  • Maximum 5 year contracts
  • Minimum $500,000/year salary
  • All winning bids MUST be signed to their roster or forfeit future FA

The winning bid will be picked by the admin team based upon average salary per year and bonus (guaranteed money).

Submit your bids here!

EOTP Madden 20 is Live

The league is live and invites are now going out!

Ground rules for joining are simple:

  • Create a NEW coach
  • Do not make any transactions or player edits at all
  • Do not play your preseason game until we announce the preseason is open

Our rough schedule is below. Please note that this schedule may vary by a day or two if people do not join up, however if you do not join by Saturday (8/10) at 11:59 PM Eastern you will not be eligible for any free agents during the preseason.

  • Saturday 8/10 11:59 PM Eastern – Soft Deadline to Join
  • Sunday 8/11 12 AM – 11:59 PM Eastern – FA Bidding Period
  • Sunday 8/11 11:59 PM Eastern – Hard Deadline to Join
  • Preseason Week 1 – Mon. 8/12 12 AM – Tues. 8/13 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 2 – Wed. 8/14 12 AM – Thurs. 8/15 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 3 – Fri. 8/16 12 AM – Sat. 8/17 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 4 – Sun. 8/18 12 AM – Mon. 8/19 11:59 PM Eastern

Just a small note about the preseason: we are playing out the preseason at normal regular season pace so that everybody can get their roster cuts done, familiarize themselves with the rules and to make sure all 32 people are going to be here heading into the regular season.

You are expected to play your preseason games!

Welcome to EOTP Madden 20

It’s that time of year again, and after a much too long hiatus EOTP Madden is back for Madden 20!

First off, if you haven’t picked up Madden 20 already please do so as soon as possible! We’re planning to start up within a week or two of launch day rather than waiting for the Week 1 roster update.

Also, be aware that we will be posting a finalized set of rules for week 1 of the regular season. Until then, the existing rules are to remain in effect.

The first step in setting up for Madden 20 is to get teams picked and off the market. We have a few spots still open and knowing what teams are definitively open it’s easier to recruit for those spots.

Below is the list of teams as they are selected. A choice few of you have been given the option to retain your teams from Madden 19 for this year’s franchise. Otherwise, the remaining teams will be selected by random order.

Baltimore Ravens – H E L L C A T 3
Cincinnati Bengals – hog501
Cleveland Browns – campstar25
Pittsburgh Steelers – Airjordan8736
Houston Texans – onthree
Indianapolis Colts – PhillyDieHard90
Jacksonville Jaguars – JW00d1313
Tennessee Titans – Bizekidz
Buffalo Bills – Yaozer031
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots – V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN
New York Jets – x LEDDY x
Denver Broncos – Warmaster91
Kansas City Chiefs – Chicagorilla407
Los Angeles Chargers – iCs Wings
Oakland Raiders – OmniRevenant
Chicago Bears – ShakeNTaake
Detroit Lions – UrbanaStylee84
Green Bay Packers – AZxRusH
Minnesota Vikings – Supastar2
Atlanta Falcons – Edgarh33
Carolina Panthers – CarPantherFan59
New Orleans Saints – Yermomza
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dallas Cowboys – hofmeister929
New York Giants – Fenrir2772
Philadelphia Eagles – Phenom 912
Washington Redskins – LYFESENTENCE
Arizona Cardinals – cp90
Los Angeles Rams – twheel21
San Francisco 49ers – WarrenGotStick
Seattle Seahawks – MambaMelter24