Preseason 49 Schedule

Preseason Schedule is as follows:

  • Advance to Pre-Week 2: 11:59 PM Eastern Wednesday 04/10
  • Advance to Pre-Week 3: 8 PM Eastern Thursday 04/11
  • Advance to Pre-Week 4: 10 PM Eastern Thursday 04/11
  • Advance to Regular Season: 11:59 PM Eastern Thursday 04/11

Do not sign ANY FA on Wednesday! Make sure to cut down your roster to 63 (53 plus 10 practice squad players) by Thursday night.

If you have roster minimums you need to fill contact an admin and they will supply you with a really bad player from FA (no handouts, so don’t think just because you don’t have a punter you get the best in FA).

FA Rules

We will NOT be doing a FA draft this preseason. Instead, we will bid on players. The best contract gets the player!

This will take into account contract length, bonus amount and salary amount. Winning contracts will be posted Wednesday night at 11:59 PM Eastern. These players will be reserved to that team until advance to the regular season – if not signed they’re fair game week 1 of the regular season.

Minimum Bid: 550k per season

Submit Your Bids Here

Rule Updates

I will be posting updates to several rules by Thursday’s advance to the regular season. All players will be required to read and understand the revised/added rules.

Activity Bonuses

In addition, we’re rewarding everybody who played at least 14 games last season (and did not miss any other events) with a single player bump from normal to quick development. Please alert an admin of your choice and we’ll make the change. Full list of eligible people and selected players is below.

  • Browns (Camp)
  • Fenrir2772 (Packers)
  • hofmeister929 (Saints) – WR Joseph Childs
  • iBolivian (Titans)
  • ismith93 (Bengals)
  • SGC Revelation (Buccaneers) – LT Deonte Clark
  • supastar2 (Patriots)
  • SweetMojaveRain (Raiders) – MLB Adrian Stewart
  • V10L3NTBYD3S1GN (Steelers)
  • Warmaster91 (Broncos) – LT Verley Givens

This is incentive to get active and stay active!