Depth Chart Issues, Gameplay Reviews & Other Updates

Hey everybody, there are a few things we need to go over. Please make sure to go through this entire post as you are expected to understand everything herein.

Depth Chart Violations

There are a number of depth chart violations that require addressing ASAP – we have already waited until Week 6 to see who updated their depth chart to fit the league rules.

These violations must be corrected within 48 hours (by midnight Monday 3/11).

A reminder: you must submit to have safeties play Sub-LB and OLBs to play rush DE.

Current Violations (Updated as Resolved):

  • TE Parker Strong at FB1 (Bears)
  • HB Christian McCaffrey at FB2 (Bears)
  • RT Rashaun Flowers at TE3 (Bears)
  • LOLB Khalil Mack at MLB3 (Bears)
  • LOLB Khalil Mack at RLE1 (Bears)
  • ROLB Aaron Lynch at RLE2 (Bears)
  • LOLB Dirone Porter at RLE3 (Bears)
  • ROLB Aaron Lynch at RRE1 (Bears)
  • ROLB Aaron Lynch at SubLB3 (Bears)
  • LOLB Lindsey Austin at MLB4 (Bengals)
  • TE Landon Parry at FB1 (Bills)
  • ROLB Spencer Troutman at RLE1 (Bills)
  • LOLB Za’Darius Smith at RLE2 (Bills)
  • ROLB Shane Ray at RRE1 (Bills)
  • ROLB Nick House at RRE2 (Bills)
  • HB Nick Chubb at FB3 (Browns)
  • LOLB Terrell Cesaire at RLE2 (Browns)
  • LOLB Genard Avery at RRE2 (Browns)
  • ROLB Jordan Snyder at RRE3 (Browns)
  • HB D’Onta Foreman at FB2 (Cardinals)
  • LE Carlos Dunlap at DT5 (Cardinals)
  • LOLB Haason Reddick at RLE1 (Cardinals)
  • LOLB Rashaun Landeta at RRE3 (Cardinals)
  • ROLB Darius Leonard at LE3 (Colts)
  • RE Fisher Buchanan at DT4 (Colts)
  • RE Randy Gregory at DT5 (Cowboys)
  • SS DeMarcus Edmonds at SubLB3 (Cowboys)
  • HB Kalen Ballage at FB1 (Dolphins)
  • HB Vincent Daniels at FB3 (Dolphins)
  • TE A.J. Derby at WR6 (Dolphins)
  • ROLB Tyus Bowser at RE3 (Dolphins)
  • LE Vaughn Kelly at DT4 (Dolphins)
  • ROLB Tyus Bowser at RRE1 (Dolphins)
  • SS Tre Boston at SubLB1 (Dolphins)
  • LE Josh Sweat at DT4 (Eagles)
  • LOLB Taylor Rosario at MLB4 (Falcons)
  • RE Rafael Santiago at ROLB3 (Falcons)
  • LOLB Taylor Rosario at RRE2 (Falcons)
  • MLB NaVorro Bowman at RRE3 (Falcons)
  • FS Damontae Kazee at SubLB3 (Falcons)
  • HB Ali Cox at FB2 (49ers)
  • HB Matt Breida at FB3 (49ers)
  • RE Shedrick Sowells at DT5 (49ers)
  • ROLB Rijo Adams at RLE3 (49ers)
  • ROLB Bud Dupree at RRE2 (49ers)
  • SS Ronald Stroud at MLB2 (49ers)
  • HB Dixon Hardy at FB2 (Giants)
  • LOLB Andre Forney at MLB4 (Giants)
  • LOLB Andre Forney at RLE1 (Giants)
  • ROLB Tim Williams at RLE2 (Giants)
  • LOLB Andre Gadsden at RLE3 (Giants)
  • ROLB Lorenzo Carter at RRE1 (Giants)
  • LOLB Andre Gadsden at RRE2 (Giants)
  • HB Joseph Maybin at FB2 (Jaguars)
  • RE Dawuane Smoot at DT3 (Jaguars)
  • LOLB Lane Parsons at MLB3 (Jaguars)
  • LOLB Leon Jacobs at RRE2 (Jaguars)
  • LOLB Lane Parsons at RRE3 (Jaguars)
  • LOLB Olivier Vernon at RE3 (Jets)
  • ROLB Jordan Jenkins at RLE1 (Jets)
  • ROLB Ejuan Price at RLE2 (Jets)
  • LOLB Olivier Vernon at RRE1 (Jets)
  • ROLB Shamare Boyd at RRE2 (Jets)
  • TE Luke Willson at WR6 (Lions)
  • LOLB Eli Harold at MLB3 (Lions)
  • ROLB Curtis Keiser at RLE1 (Lions)
  • LOLB Eli Harold at RLE2 (Lions)
  • ROLB Jalen Reeves-Maybin at RLE3 (Lions)
  • LOLB Devon Kennard RRE1 (Lions)
  • ROLB Jalen Reeves-Maybin at RRE3 (Lions)
  • LOLB Martavis Edebali at RLE1 (Packers)
  • ROLB Shaquil Barrett at RLE3 (Packers)
  • HB Sony Michel at FB2 (Patriots)
  • LOLB Jason Dupree at RLE3 (Patriots)
  • ROLB Nick Perry at RRE1 (Patriots)
  • HB Marlon Mack at FB2 (Rams)
  • TE Gerald Everett at WR6 (Rams)
  • FB Lester Peppers at TE3 (Rams)
  • RE Ezekiel Ansah at DT5 (Rams)
  • MLB Micah Kiser at RLE3 (Rams)
  • LOLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo at RRE2 (Rams)
  • MLB Micah Kiser at RRE3 (Rams)
  • LOLB Bobby Kowalkowski at MLB4 (Redskins)
  • LOLB Ryan Kerrigan at RLE1 (Redskins)
  • ROLB Jamie Collins Sr. at RLE3 (Redskins)
  • ROLB Preston Smith at RRE1 (Redskins)
  • LOLB Bobby Kowalkowski at RRE3 (Redskins)
  • LOLB Bobby Kowalkowski at SubLB2 (Redskins)
  • HB Jeremy Hill at FB2 (Saints)
  • LE Trey Hendrickson at DT4 (Saints)
  • LOLB Camdren Horton at RRE2 (Saints)
  • HB Chris Carson at FB2 (Seahawks)
  • LOLB Barkevious Mingo at MLB3 (Seahawks)
  • FS Banks Irons at SubLB3 (Seahawks)
  • RE John Simon at DT4 (Steelers)
  • HB Trenton Aikens at FB3 (Texans)
  • TE Shaquille Stroughter at WR6 (Texans)
  • LOLB Sherman Love at MLB3 (Texans)
  • MLB Rodriguez Everitt at RLE2 (Texans)
  • ROLB Bryant Rodriguez at RLE3 (Texans)
  • LOLB Sherman Love at RRE2 (Texans)
  • LOLB Sherman Love at SubLB3 (Texans)
  • LOLB Justin Houston at MLB4 (Titans)
  • HB Christian Campbell at FB2 (Vikings)
  • TE Tyler Conklin at WR6 (Vikings)
  • RE Joey Freeman at DT5 (Vikings)
  • ROLB Barry McGlynn at RLE3 (Vikings)
  • MLB Dalton Gregory at RRE2 (Vikings)
  • LOLB Demond Todd at RRE3 (Vikings)

Complaint Submission

It’s never fun when playing and you feel like your opponent isn’t following the rules – we get that. The first thing to do is to direct message your opponent with your concerns, making sure to be exact with what you feel isn’t legal.

If your opponent doesn’t respond or is hostile, make sure to get an admin involved – do not get into a massive argument as it’s never productive and never make it personal.

Once the game is completed if no progress has been made in the discussion get your game tape together and message an admin with the link and full details. If you have exact timing or breakdowns that helps to review the tape more effectively.

Gameplay Reviews

I have seen a number of complaints so far this season about gameplay. There are a few things that I would like to emphasize, and I fully encourage everybody to go over the rules with an admin if you have any questions or are unclear on a rule.

Sticking to the rules is not optional. Saying that your roster isn’t good enough to do things like run the ball or play man coverage is not acceptable. You’re expected to follow the rules without exception.

All play calls must be varied – that means that you don’t only run out of shotgun, you don’t only run outside the tackles and you don’t only play zone on defense (among other things).

Matching personnel is expected throughout the game. That means calling 3-4/4-3 vs. 0/1/2 WR sets and playing nickel/dime/quarter vs. 3/4/5 WR sets. Yes, you can call extra DBs in situations like 3rd and long but you’re expected to largely match CB to WR when calling plays.

When usering players on defense you must keep in mind that freelancing is to be limited to 25% of plays at most! You are expected to keep to your zone or your man assignment otherwise.

Sprinting to the line from the huddle is not permitted unless you’re in hurry up offense – it’s about the same as hurry up offense when you check the clock and has been banned for a couple of seasons now anyway.

EOTP Roster Project

I’m looking for some help in setting up a possible restart for after the NFL Draft – we’re not looking to restart until at least after season five of this Madden, but I’ll need some help setting up for then anyway.

Anybody willing to help out would be helping with setting up the draft class and moving around draft picks to best mirror the draft, and leading up to the draft would help to setup rosters to match the NFL. The idea is that we’ll hold the draft and take players in the same order as real life, that way rosters match up nearly identical.

From there out we would play at least two seasons throughout the summer. I know we didn’t do a restart last year but I don’t feel like sitting out the summer helped the league out at all on an activity level.