Mar. 2 Waivers

Claimed on Waivers

  • LT Carlos Bryan to the Tennessee Titans

On Waivers

  • WR Quincy Nelson
  • LT Griffin Hill
  • TE Marshall Heyward
  • P Anthony Chandler
  • MLB Lenny Young
  • WR Fisher Lane

Cleared Waivers:

  • C Spencer Long
  • RT Haynes Lauderdale
  • CB Trevon Mathis
  • RT Corlus Copeland
  • CB Nate Rainey
  • CB Derron Dykes
  • QB Jamarcus Durham
  • LG Peter Vellano
  • RG Dee Hunt
  • RT Simon Keltner
  • TE Charles Holloway
  • P Jack Dellenbach
  • LE DeSean Fisher
  • LG Nick Easton
  • LOLB Brock Chryplewicz

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Any subsequent cuts will be placed on waivers for Mar. 3.

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