Oct. 11 Waivers

Claimed On Waivers:

  • LT Alex Light to the Tennessee Titans
  • LE Tank Carradine to the Denver Broncos

On Waivers:

  • LE Ryan Delaire
  • RG Cole Madison
  • DT C.J. Wilson
  • MLB Ben Heeney
  • DT Jihad Ward
  • LOLB Aaron Wallace
  • SS Damarius Travis
  • LG Max Garcia

Cleared Waivers:

  • TE Ben Braunecker
  • P Pat O’Donnell
  • FS Charles Washington
  • QB A.J. McCarron
  • DT T.Y. McGill
  • WR Jake Kumerow

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Any subsequent cuts will be placed on waivers for Oct. 12.

Oct. 10 Waivers

Claimed On Waivers:

  • OLB Isaiah Irving to the Green Bay Packers
  • DE Morgan Fox to the Green Bay Packers
  • DT D.J. Jones to the Green Bay Packers

On Waivers:

  • TE Ben Braunecker
  • P Pat O’Donnell
  • FS Charles Washington
  • LE Tank Carradine
  • QB A.J. McCarron
  • DT T.Y. McGill
  • WR Jake Kumerow
  • LT Alex Light

Cleared Waivers:

  • HB Justin Davis
  • LOLB Justin Lawler
  • LOLB Dominique Easley
  • LG Jeremy Vujnovich
  • QB Geno Smith
  • LOLB Sam Acho
  • FB Joe Kerridge
  • TE Alan Cross
  • WR Freddie Martino
  • MLB A.J. Johnson
  • MLB Keishawn Bierria
  • RG Lucas Patrick

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Any subsequent cuts will be placed on waivers for Oct. 11.

Draft Pick Trades Required Before Start

In earlier posts I referenced trades that required everybody’s cooperation to get draft picks on the correct teams. The reason for this is that EA did not process several trades properly for rosters and all trades since the NFL Draft were completed with players but NOT with the draft picks (ex. Khalil Mack is a Bear but the draft picks are still on the Bears).

To fix this, we’ll need everybody’s cooperation. Below is a list of trades to be completed. Whatever team is receiving a pick in those trades will need to sign a low overall player from free agency and send a trade in game to the other team for the correct pick.

I will not allow anybody who doesn’t complete a trade for their team to make any trades, so the quicker you can get it done the quicker you’ll get back to normal.

Please notify me as these are completed so that I can update it.

Completed trades are in bold.


  • Bears send Raiders: 2019 1st (CHI)
  • Jets send Colts: 2019 2nd (IND)
  • Saints send Jets: 2019 3rd (NO)
  • Chiefs send Bills: 2019 4th (KC)
  • Steelers send Bills: 2019 5th (PIT)
  • Patriots send Browns: 2019 5th (NE)
  • Raiders send Steelers: 2019 6th (OAK)
  • Seahawks send Packers: 2019 6th (SEA)
  • Jets send Saints: 2019 6th (NYJ)
  • Cowboys send Bengals: 2019 6th (DAL)
  • Bears send Raiders: 2019 6th (CHI)
  • Titans send Ravens: 2019 6th (TEN)
  • Giants send Broncos: 2019 7th (NYG)
  • Seahawks send Raiders: 2019 7th (SEA)
  • Browns send Saints: 2019 7th (CLE)
  • Buccaneers send Lions: 2019 7th (PIT)
  • 49ers send Browns: 2019 7th (SF)
  • Vikings send Giants: 2019 7th (MIN)
  • Broncos send Bears: 2019 7th (DEN)
  • Bears send Raiders: 2020 1st (CHI)
  • Raiders send Bears: 2020 2nd (OAK)
  • Bears send Raiders: 2020 3rd (CHI)
  • Raiders send Bears: 2020 5th (OAK)
  • Broncos send Redskins: 2020 6th (DEN)
  • Bills send Browns: 2020 7th (BUF)
  • Chiefs send Dolphins: 2020 7th (KC)
  • Falcons send Patriots: 2020 7th (ATL)
  • Panthers send Lions: 2020 7th (CAR)

EOTP Madden 19 Franchise Start & FA Draft

Teams are set and invites have gone out! I’ll keep this short as we’re mostly here for the FA Draft. Scroll down for info on the FA draft and full results – this page will be updated as players are picked – but bear with me as we cover a few things.

Please review the rules as they’ve been updated for Madden 19.

We will also need a few people’s help in getting draft picks moved to the proper teams. Preseason Week 1 doesn’t allow user trades, so we couldn’t process them ourselves. We’ll try to simplify it as much as possible but expect everyone’s cooperation.

I fully encourage everybody to play their preseason games, but understand a compressed schedule may mean people don’t have time to play.

Preseason Schedule

  • Preseason Week 1 Advance: Thursday 10/04 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 2 Advance: Friday 10/05 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 3 Advance: Saturday 10/06 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Preseason Week 4 Advance: Sunday 10/07 11:59 PM Eastern

At that point we will return to the normal 48 hour advance schedule. We will not wait for people to join up, so I advise you join as quickly as possible.

Franchise Start FA Draft

The FA draft order is based off an admin group vote on the worst to best teams, however the order will snake each round.

Picks will advance as soon as people start selecting players. I will not start skipping players quickly until tomorrow night at 9 PM Eastern, however if you’re up for the draft and are unresponsive for an extended period of time during the day you will be skipped.

The solution? Send me a list of players you want in the FA draft and if you’re not around we’ll go off of that for your picks.

FA Draft Order and Selections

  1. Bills (zoufan) – WR Corey Coleman
  2. Dolphins (bize) – SS Eric Reid
  3. Colts (nova) – FS T.J. Green
  4. Jets (liquid)
  5. Cardinals (Ismith) – DE John Simon
  6. Ravens (Kinnon) – WR Dez Bryant
  7. Lions (Urbana) – CB Delvin Breaux
  8. Bengals (Atyches) – MLB Navarro Bowman
  9. 49ers (Warren) – WR Brandon Coleman
  10. Buccaneers (Emidio) – HB Bo Scarbrough
  11. Browns (camp) – WR Isaiah Ford
  12. Raiders (Rain) – WR Carlos Henderson
  13. Giants (wayne)
  14. Titans (Bolivian) – HB Donnel Pumphrey
  15. Broncos (War) – OG Nico Siragusa
  16. Seahawks (mamba)
  17. Texans (Jax) – TE Will Tye
  18. Bears (Hell)
  19. Panthers (baracka)
  20. Packers (Lemmon) – CB David Amerson
  21. Redskins (LYFE)
  22. Saints (hof) – HB Keith Marshall
  23. Steelers (Violent) – CB Levi Wallace
  24. Patriots (Mel)
  25. Chiefs (Car) – OG Luke Joeckel
  26. Chargers (Philly) – HB Orleans Darkwa
  27. Falcons (edgar) – CB Brian Allen
  28. Jaguars (Faint)
  29. Cowboys (Yao) – TE Devon Cajuste
  30. Rams (Rilla)
  31. Vikings (bust)
  32. Eagles (Phenom) – WR DeAndre Carter
  33. Eagles (Phenom) – HB Boston Scott
  34. Cowboys (Yao) – WR Jeremy Maclin
  35. Falcons (edgar) – QB Davis Webb
  36. Chargers (Philly) – DE Daeshon Hall
  37. Chiefs (Car) – DE Kony Ealy
  38. Steelers (Violent) – WR Cameron Batson
  39. Saints (hof) – CB Tony Lippett
  40. Packers (Lemmon) – TE Nick O’Leary
  41. Texans (Jax) – DT Cornelius Washington
  42. Broncos (War) – WR Ardarius Stewart
  43. Titans (Bolivian) – CB Simeon Thomas
  44. Raiders (Rain) – OLB Avery Moss
  45. Browns (Camp) – OLB Frank Ginda
  46. Cardinals (Ismith) – DE Cliff Avril
  47. Lions (Urbana) – DE Robert Ayers Jr.
  48. Colts (nova) – CB Jalen Myrick
  49. Browns (Camp) – FB Trey Edmunds
  50. Raiders (Rain) – HB Joe Williams
  51. Titans (Bolivian) – WR Amara Darboh
  52. Broncos (War) – CB Cre’Von LeBlanc
  53. Packers (Lemmon) – CB Bashaud Breeland
  54. Saints (hof) – WR Malcolm Mitchell
  55. Chiefs (Car) – DT Woodrow Hamilton
  56. Chargers (Philly) – DT Adolphus Washington
  57. Falcons (edgar) – FB Dimitri Flowers
  58. Eagles (Phenom) – WR Dylan Cantrell
  59. Eagles (Phenom) – DE Joe Ostman
  60. Falcons (edgar) – HB Justin Jackson
  61. Chargers (Philly) – QB Chase Litton
  62. Saints (hof) – WR Braxton Miller
  63. Packers (Lemmon) – FS Calvin Pryor
  64. Broncos (War) – OT Antonio Garcia
  65. Titans (Bolivian) – DT Desmond Bryant
  66. Raiders (Rain) – MLB Travin Howard
  67. Browns (Camp) – OLB Tyrone Holmes
  68. Browns (Camp) – FB Elijah Wellman
  69. Raiders (Rain) – OLB B.J. Bello
  70. Titans (Bolivian) – FB Freddie Stevenson
  71. Broncos (War) – OLB Ejuan Price
  72. Packers (Lemmon) – OLB Kevin Dodd
  73. Chargers (Philly) – QB Nick Mullens
  74. Eagles (Phenom) – DT Elijah Qualls
  75. Eagles (Phenom) – CB Chandon Sullivan
  76. Chargers (Philly) – OLB Joshua Perry
  77. Packers (Lemmon) – FB Sam Rogers
  78. Broncos (War) – OLB Dadi Nicolas
  79. Titans (Bolivian) – DE Jonathan Woodard
  80. Raiders (Rain) – QB Christian Hackenberg
  81. Raiders (Rain) – WR Jaelen Strong
  82. Titans (Bolivian) – QB Paxton Lynch
  83. Broncos (War) – WR Isaiah McKenzie
  84. Chargers (Philly) – OT Jylan Ware
  85. Eagles (Phenom) – FS Stephen Roberts
  86. Eagles (Phenom) – SS Jeremy Reaves
  87. Chargers (Philly) – DT Lewis Neal
  88. Broncos (War) – CB Brendan Langley
  89. Titans (Bolivian) – MLB Najee Harris
  90. Raiders (Rain) – DE Charles Tapper
  91. Raiders (Rain) – OLB Nigel Haris
  92. Titans (Bolivian) – FS Alex Carter
  93. Broncos (War) – MLB Brandon Chubb
  94. Chargers (Philly) – OT Rick Leonard
  95. Chargers (Philly) – DE Carroll Phillips
  96. Broncos (War) – MLB Tegray Scales
  97. Raiders (Rain) – OLB D’Juan Hines