Oct. 11 Waivers

Claimed On Waivers:

  • LT Alex Light to the Tennessee Titans
  • LE Tank Carradine to the Denver Broncos

On Waivers:

  • LE Ryan Delaire
  • RG Cole Madison
  • DT C.J. Wilson
  • MLB Ben Heeney
  • DT Jihad Ward
  • LOLB Aaron Wallace
  • SS Damarius Travis
  • LG Max Garcia

Cleared Waivers:

  • TE Ben Braunecker
  • P Pat O’Donnell
  • FS Charles Washington
  • QB A.J. McCarron
  • DT T.Y. McGill
  • WR Jake Kumerow

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Any subsequent cuts will be placed on waivers for Oct. 12.