Draft Pick Trades Required Before Start

In earlier posts I referenced trades that required everybody’s cooperation to get draft picks on the correct teams. The reason for this is that EA did not process several trades properly for rosters and all trades since the NFL Draft were completed with players but NOT with the draft picks (ex. Khalil Mack is a Bear but the draft picks are still on the Bears).

To fix this, we’ll need everybody’s cooperation. Below is a list of trades to be completed. Whatever team is receiving a pick in those trades will need to sign a low overall player from free agency and send a trade in game to the other team for the correct pick.

I will not allow anybody who doesn’t complete a trade for their team to make any trades, so the quicker you can get it done the quicker you’ll get back to normal.

Please notify me as these are completed so that I can update it.

Completed trades are in bold.


  • Bears send Raiders: 2019 1st (CHI)
  • Jets send Colts: 2019 2nd (IND)
  • Saints send Jets: 2019 3rd (NO)
  • Chiefs send Bills: 2019 4th (KC)
  • Steelers send Bills: 2019 5th (PIT)
  • Patriots send Browns: 2019 5th (NE)
  • Raiders send Steelers: 2019 6th (OAK)
  • Seahawks send Packers: 2019 6th (SEA)
  • Jets send Saints: 2019 6th (NYJ)
  • Cowboys send Bengals: 2019 6th (DAL)
  • Bears send Raiders: 2019 6th (CHI)
  • Titans send Ravens: 2019 6th (TEN)
  • Giants send Broncos: 2019 7th (NYG)
  • Seahawks send Raiders: 2019 7th (SEA)
  • Browns send Saints: 2019 7th (CLE)
  • Buccaneers send Lions: 2019 7th (PIT)
  • 49ers send Browns: 2019 7th (SF)
  • Vikings send Giants: 2019 7th (MIN)
  • Broncos send Bears: 2019 7th (DEN)
  • Bears send Raiders: 2020 1st (CHI)
  • Raiders send Bears: 2020 2nd (OAK)
  • Bears send Raiders: 2020 3rd (CHI)
  • Raiders send Bears: 2020 5th (OAK)
  • Broncos send Redskins: 2020 6th (DEN)
  • Bills send Browns: 2020 7th (BUF)
  • Chiefs send Dolphins: 2020 7th (KC)
  • Falcons send Patriots: 2020 7th (ATL)
  • Panthers send Lions: 2020 7th (CAR)