EOTP Madden 19 Team Confirmation

League invites are on their way out! …unless you haven’t confirmed your team. In that case, you won’t be getting an invite until you confirm that you have Madden 19 and have logged into the EA servers at least once.

When you get your invite make sure to create a new coach when joining and do not make any roster moves.

Below is a list of the confirmed players as we start up. Additionally, Hofmeister is collecting the list of players for development boosts as we start up – for a reminder check out our last post). FA draft order will be posted shortly!

Italics indicate user has not confirmed as of yet.

Baltimore Ravens – Kinnon5
Cincinnati Bengals – Atyches
Cleveland Browns – Campstar25
Pittsburgh Steelers – V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN
Houston Texans – JaxKillmonger
Indianapolis Colts – Novatthagod
Jacksonville Jaguars – FaintJoey957189
Tennessee Titans – iBolivian
Buffalo Bills – zoufan
Miami Dolphins – bizekidz
New England Patriots – OFAB MELROSE
New York Jets – liquidhotjesus
Denver Broncos – Warmaster91
Kansas City Chiefs – CarPantherFan59
Los Angeles Chargers – PhillyDieHard90
Oakland Raiders – SweetMojaveRain
Chicago Bears – H E L L C A T 3
Detroit Lions – UrbanaStylee84
Green Bay Packers – Lemmonhead423
Minnesota Vikings – busturdust
Atlanta Falcons – edgarh33
Carolina Panthers – DTP x deathbed
New Orleans Saints – Hofmeister929
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Emidio92
Dallas Cowboys – Yaozer031
New York Giants – big wayne800
Philadelphia Eagles – Phenom 912
Washington Redskins – LYFESENTENCE
Arizona Cardinals – Ismith93
Los Angeles Rams – ChicagoRilla407
San Francisco 49ers – WarrenGotStick
Seattle Seahawks – Mambamelter24

EOTP Madden 19 Starting Up

Hey everybody, we’ve been quiet on here as we evaluate Madden and watch what’s going on in the NFL, but it’s about time we got started up.

The league has been created and everybody will be getting invites shortly. We’ll need to adjust a few teams’ draft picks for trades that EA did not process properly (as they do every year). I appreciate that everybody cooperates with this as it will make the process go much quicker.

We’ll be doing a free agent draft to start up – I’ll post more information about the draft as we get everybody into the league. I still wanted to go over a few things for this Madden that we’re going to be doing to reward activity and loyalty to the league.

First off, we’re going to let people adjust their rosters a bit by giving them the option of making five of their players quick development instead of normal. One player who is already quick on the roster may be made star as well. Please send me a message with your list and bear in mind I will not allow you to change your mind later, so maybe take a few days to make sure that’s who you want to boost.

We’ll be announcing other bonuses as we move along, but foremost among my concerns right now is getting everybody in the league, starting up the FA draft and getting moving towards roster cut downs and week 1.

More updates are coming, stay tuned!