Feb. 11 Waivers

Claimed on Waivers:

  • WR Javonte Bolden to the Oakland Raiders
  • DT Gabe Wright to the Green Bay Packers

On Waivers:

  • LT Mitchell Condo
  • HB Chuckie Morrah
  • LT Franklin Crosby
  • SS Matthias Farley

Cleared Waivers:

  • WR Tomas Mason
  • CB De‚ÄôVante Harris
  • TE Simon Makovicka
  • HB Raysean Spitler
  • RT Shakiel Weldon
  • SS Rakayle Menzie
  • P Henry Connolly
  • LE Carey Varga
  • CB Sean McPherson
  • DT Perry Easton

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Any subsequent cuts will be placed on waivers for Feb. 11.