Chat is Moving to Discord

Hey everybody, given the issues that GroupMe has had recently we’ve decided to make the jump to Discord.

A few of you have gotten emails claiming that there has been “suspicious activity” on your account and most people cannot log in to the web version at this time – it’s becoming clear that GroupMe has been compromised in some way and they’re struggling to pull things back together.

As such, we’ll be taking this opportunity to switch over to Discord (as a few people have suggested over the past months). This will require creating an account on Discord (if you do not already have one) and verifying your email address – you cannot join the server on Discord unless your email has been verified with your Discord account.

A link to join will be posted in the GroupMe chat periodically over the next few days as we make the transition. If you’re having any issues let an admin know and we can help you make the transition. We will continue to use this site to post news and other organizational information.

Only once we’re completely moved over to Discord will I delete the GroupMe chat.