Passing to the RB/TE

So, as we get into the playoffs for season 1 I’m going through and doing some league maintenance and checking on several things. We’ve already seen some punitive actions taken for failures to bench suspended players.

I’m handing out a warning to everybody who had a RB or TE leading their team in receptions, yards or TDs. I expect all users on this list to make strides in season 2 to keep from this happening again or expect punitive actions.

If you need a refresher the exact rules are below:


Your HB should NOT be your leading receiver. If that’s the case, then you better start fixing your game plan. You shouldn’t be throwing to your HB as soon as you hike the ball let alone throwing to your receiver as soon as you hike the ball. If enough evidence shows that you are abusing your HB, consequences will be handed out.

If the defense is intentionally removing coverage from the running back, that is another case altogether and will be treated as such.

In addition, your TE should not be your no. 1 target all game and as such should not be leading your team in receiving statistics. I understand some TEs are dominant receivers but TE spam has always been an issue in Madden.

At the end of the season I will look at each member’s receiving leaders. If I see that your starting HB is your leading receiver, your HB will be suspended the first 5 games of the upcoming season. Repeat offense the following season will result in a boot. If I see your TE is your leading receiver your TE will be suspended for the first 2 games of the upcoming season and repeat offenses will result in further suspensions.

I expect everybody to know the rules and will not accept ignorance as a valid excuse. If you need to get it straight then I suggest re-reading the rules now.

  • Bears TE Ladarius Green – led team in REC, YARDS, TD
  • Browns TE David Njoku – led team in REC
  • Chargers TE Hunter Henry – led team in REC, TD
  • Colts TE Jack Doyle – led team in REC
  • Giants TE Evan Engram – led team in REC, TD
  • Panthers TE Greg Olsen – led team in REC
  • Redskins TE Jordan Reed – led team in REC, YARDS

I’m also noting teams that their second WR is a distant 4th or 5th behind RB/TE as this also should not be the case unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Bengals WR Tyler Boyd – 5th in REC
  • Cowboys WR Terrance Williams – 4th in REC

Next season some, if not all, of these will be suspensions, so figure out what you’re going to do about it.

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