Player Regression Model

The player regression review page has gone live!

Just a brief overview: we’ve seen quite a bit of bad regression over the past two Madden titles and came up with a plan to fix that.

What can you do with this model? Well, the primary thing is if you want an alternative to the basic offseason regression then you can submit to have it reviewed under our model, which you can view the full details to see the difference from typical Madden regression.

The secondary goal of this is to do away with Madden’s glitchy regular season regression, which can happen as a result of fumbling too much, completing too few passes, throwing too many picks, dropping a single pass…you name it. The regression Madden applies to this is seemingly random and broken beyond reason, so if you have a player regress simply submit a regression review and I’ll take care of it.

Be aware it may take some time for the admin team to get around to editing every player sent in so be patient. It will get done, but it will only get done if you submit each player and list their regression (I’m not searching your roster for who and what regression, it’s enough to be editing each player).

This is largely up to you guys – it’s 100% voluntary – as I will not touch any players not submitted for review.

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