EOTP Madden 18 is Live!

EOTP Madden 18 has gone live! We’ve done some roster updates, fixed a few contracts and still have one or two things to go, but invites are now going out.

As everybody joins you should all know a few things first. For one, create a new coach when you join your team. When you join don’t make any roster moves yet and make sure your settings are correct when you join so that CPU moves do not happen.

Next up, we have several trades to be done to get draft picks on to the right teams. A list of the trades has been posted and everybody will be responsible for getting these trades completed – until then you will not be permitted to sign any players taken in the FA draft. Everything will be scripted out so that there are no questions in how to get it done.

See FA draft details here. A hard start date/time will be determined later.

A preseason schedule will be posted in the next day or two as well. Schedules will return to our normal 48 hour advance schedule once the regular season begins.

As of now we will be advancing to week 2 of the preseason Monday 9/18 11:59 PM Eastern – if you have not joined up by then a dummy account will be placed on your team and you will not be allowed to make any moves in FA draft or trades until joining in game. The rest of the advance schedule will depend on getting those pick trades complete so every work to get that done as soon as we advance to preseason week 2.

Additionally, the entire site and DaddyLeagues have been updated for Madden 18. A few people still need to join up on DaddyLeagues (I will be contacting you directly to alert you). I also advise checking the suspension list (there are several indefinitely suspended players that are suspended for the first season) and the rules to make sure you’re up to date on everything.

If you have any questions let me know.

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