Madden 18 Franchise Start FA Draft

The FA draft order was determined by the admin group in reverse order of roster talent. You will not be permitted to sign any players selected in the FA draft until you have completed the pre-franchise trades that can be seen here.

We’ll continue picking until people bow out.

Hard start time Thurs. Sept. 21 at 9 PM Eastern – at this point I will start skipping people who do not respond or have not submitted a list.

FA Draft Order (snakes after round 1):

  1. Jets (Kami) – CB Senquez Golson
  2. 49ers (Rain) – WR K.D. Cannon
  3. Colts (Capital) – LOLB Jayson Dimanche
  4. Browns (Camp) – FS Isa Abdul-Quddus
  5. Rams (Philly) – LT Cyrus Kouandjio
  6. Bills (Hell) – LOLB Gerald Hodges Jr.
  7. Bears (warren) – TE Ladarius Green
  8. Saints (Bize) – MLB Perry Riley
  9. Buccaneers (bustur) – RG John Greco
  10. Lions (Urbs) – DT Ian Williams
  11. Dolphins (Red) – RG Ryan Wendell
  12. Ravens (Ashton) –┬áLE Isaac Rochell
  13. Chargers (Rilla) – RT Sebastian Vollmer
  14. Jaguars (Faint) – RG Andrew Tiller
  15. Texans (zou) – WR Dorial Green-Beckham
  16. Redskins (Lyfe) – HB Dri Archer
  17. Titans (Bolivian) – DT Casey Sayles
  18. Bengals (Mel) late – LG Earl Watford
  19. Chiefs (Lone)
  20. Vikings (Yerms)
  21. Eagles (Phenom)
  22. Giants (wayne) late – CB Darrelle Revis
  23. Panthers (baracka) late – FB Marcel Reece
  24. Cardinals (AZ) – DT Dan Williams
  25. Falcons (edgar) – DT Nile Lawrence-Stample
  26. Packers (HBP) late – WR Charles Johnson
  27. Raiders (Keith)
  28. Steelers (Violent) – DT Vince Wilfork
  29. Broncos (War) – ROLB P.J. Dawson
  30. Patriots (Ivory) – K Jordan Gay
  31. Cowboys (Yao)
  32. Seahawks (hof) – MLB Najee Harris
  33. Seahawks (hof) – FS Antone Exum Jr.
  34. Broncos (War) – LOLB Nicholas Grigsby
  35. Falcons (edgar) – K Josh Lambo
  36. Cardinals (AZ) – TE Jace Amaro
  37. Titans (Bolivian) – CB Sam Shields
  38. Ravens (Ashton) – WR Philly Brown
  39. Redskins (Lyfe) late – CB Brandon Dixon
  40. Dolphins (Red) – WR Victor Cruz
  41. Saints (Bize) – WR Marquess Wilson
  42. Rams (Philly) – RG Garrett Reynolds
  43. Browns (Camp) – MLB Max Bullough
  44. 49ers (Rain) – LOLB Travis Feeney
  45. 49ers (Rain) – MLB Ben Heeney
  46. Browns (Camp) – LE Scott Crichton
  47. Rams (Philly) – MLB Zaviar Gooden
  48. Ravens (Ashton) – ROLB Joshua Perry
  49. Saints (Bize) late – QB Mike Bercovicci
  50. Titans (Bolivian) – LE A.J. Jefferson
  51. Cardinals (AZ) – FB Algernon Brown
  52. Bills (Hell) late – FS Jairus Byrd
  53. Bills (Hell) late – TE Gary Barnidge
  54. Falcons (edgar) – ROLB Shaq Riddick
  55. Packers (HBP) – DT Deangelo Brown
  56. Broncos (War) – SS Jack Tocho
  57. Seahawks (hof) – WR Bug Howard
  58. Seahawks (hof) – WR Vincent Jackson
  59. Broncos (War) – RE Ra’Shede Hageman
  60. Packers (HBP) – TE Devon Cajuste
  61. Falcons (edgar) – FB Freddie Stevenson
  62. Cardinals (AZ) – TE Jacob Tamme
  63. Titans (Bolivian) – WR Kolby Listenbee
  64. Ravens (Ashton) – RG Ethan Cooper
  65. Saints (Bize) – RG Willie Beavers
  66. Rams (Philly) – HB Kenjon Barner
  67. Browns (Camp) – CB Kyle Wilson
  68. 49ers (Rain) – RE Owa Odighizuwa
  69. 49ers (Rain) – SS Tyvis Powell
  70. Rams (Philly) – SS Aaron Williams
  71. Saints (Bize) – WR Aaron Dobson
  72. Ravens (Ashton) – MLB Sio Moore
  73. Titans (Bolivian) – FS Gerod Holliman
  74. Cardinals (AZ) – C Khaled Holmes
  75. Falcons (edgar) – CB Damian Swann
  76. Packers (HBP) – QB Robert Griffin III
  77. Broncos (War) – CB Jacoby Glenn
  78. Packers (HBP) – LOLB Mike Morgan
  79. Falcons (edgar) – ROLB Sean Weatherspoon
  80. Titans (Bolivian) – CB Ian Wells
  81. Ravens (Ashton) – QB Colin Kaepernick
  82. Saints (Bize) – C Nick Mangold
  83. 49ers (Rain) – DT Greg Milhouse
  84. 49ers (Rain) – TE Michael Williams
  85. Saints (Bize) – WR Michael Campanaro
  86. Ravens (Ashton) – DT Jesse Williams
  87. Titans (Bolivian) – TE Zach Conque
  88. Packers (HBP) – RE Randy Starks
  89. Broncos (War) – ROLB Jonathan Newsome

Processing Draft Pick Trades

We do still have a bit of clean up to complete before starting up. Due to franchise mode glitches we could not process trades in week 1 of preseason, so everybody will need to help out with getting this completed.


I’ve scripted out every trade to simplify it. As soon as we advance to week 2 of the preseason everybody should get these done BEFORE playing a game.

Every player involved in these trades is to be cut after the trade is completed.

I will make each trade bold as they’re completed.

  1. Rams sign QB Rawson Thurber and trade to Lions for 2018 6th Rnd
  2. Eagles sign QB Wes Lunt and trade to Broncos for 2019 7th Rnd
  3. Bill sign QB G.J. Kinne and trade to Chargers for 2018 7th Rnd
  4. Rams trade 2018 2nd Rnd to Bills for 2018 6th Rnd
  5. Bills sign HB Trey Williams and trade to Eagles for 2018 3rd Rnd
  6. Eagles trade 2018 7th Rnd to Seahawks for 2018 5th Rnd
  7. Bills sign HB Blake Sims and trade to Chiefs for 2019 4th Rnd
  8. Steelers trade 2018 4th Rnd to 49ers for 2018 5th Rnd
  9. Browns sign WR Marcus Leak and trade to Chiefs for 2018 5th Rnd
  10. Lions sign WR Chris Hubert and trade to 49ers for 2019 5th Rnd
  11. Broncos sign WR K.J. Maye and trade to Falcons for 2018 5th Rnd
  12. Patriots sign WR Keenan Reynolds and trade to Seahawks for 2018 7th Rnd (PHI)
  13. Cardinals sign WR Rashad Lawrence and trade to Ravens for 2018 7th Rnd
  14. Seahawks trade 2018 2nd Rnd and 2018 7th Rnd to Jets for 2018 7th Rnd
  15. Seahawks sign WR Tyler Murphy and trade to Vikings for 2018 7th Rnd
  16. Chiefs sign WR Jamaal Jones and trade to Titans for 2018 7th Rnd
  17. Redskins sign WR Devin Gardner and trade to Rams for 2018 7th Rnd
  18. Browns trade 2018 6th Rnd to Steelers for 2019 7th Rnd
  19. Patriots sign TE Justin Drescher and trade to Lions for 2019 6th Rnd
  20. Bengals sign TE Nolan Frese and trade to Cowboys for 2019 6th Rnd
  21. Jaguars sign TE Patrick Scales and trade to Ravens for 2019 7th Rnd
  22. Seahawks sign TE John DePalma and trade to Patriots for 2018 5th Rnd and 2018 7th Rnd
  23. Chiefs sign TE Derek Hart and trade to Seahawks for 2018 7th Rnd
  24. Steelers sign TE Jon Dorenbos and trade to Giants for 2018 7th Rnd
  25. Packers sign TE Jeff Overbaugh and trade to Cowboys for 2018 7th Rnd
  26. Bills sign TE Jimmy Landes and trade to Panthers for 2019 7th Rnd

EOTP Madden 18 is Live!

EOTP Madden 18 has gone live! We’ve done some roster updates, fixed a few contracts and still have one or two things to go, but invites are now going out.

As everybody joins you should all know a few things first. For one, create a new coach when you join your team. When you join don’t make any roster moves yet and make sure your settings are correct when you join so that CPU moves do not happen.

Next up, we have several trades to be done to get draft picks on to the right teams. A list of the trades has been posted and everybody will be responsible for getting these trades completed – until then you will not be permitted to sign any players taken in the FA draft. Everything will be scripted out so that there are no questions in how to get it done.

See FA draft details here. A hard start date/time will be determined later.

A preseason schedule will be posted in the next day or two as well. Schedules will return to our normal 48 hour advance schedule once the regular season begins.

As of now we will be advancing to week 2 of the preseason Monday 9/18 11:59 PM Eastern – if you have not joined up by then a dummy account will be placed on your team and you will not be allowed to make any moves in FA draft or trades until joining in game. The rest of the advance schedule will depend on getting those pick trades complete so every work to get that done as soon as we advance to preseason week 2.

Additionally, the entire site and DaddyLeagues have been updated for Madden 18. A few people still need to join up on DaddyLeagues (I will be contacting you directly to alert you). I also advise checking the suspension list (there are several indefinitely suspended players that are suspended for the first season) and the rules to make sure you’re up to date on everything.

If you have any questions let me know.