Playoff Rules Reminder

Now that we’ve advanced to the playoffs it’s time for the same reminders I give everybody each season.

First off, if you’re eliminated you are to make no roster transactions at this point – releasing players after being eliminated includes all kinds of glitches.

Practice squad stealing is now off. Most teams will have auto-signed their practice squad players. DO NOT CUT THESE PLAYERS as it glitches and ages them twice.

Playoff teams are only to make minimal roster moves at this point – in case of an injury. Any players released may only be signed by another playoff team still in contention – waivers are not in effect for the playoffs.

Let’s get these playoff games played!

July 5 Waivers

Awarded On Waivers:

  • HB Derrick Henry to Dallas Cowboys

Cleared Waivers:

  • ROLB Dillon Archambeau
  • MLB Effrem Parham
  • HB Oscar Armour
  • FS Kevin Byard
  • LE Derrick Whitner
  • HB Bernard Fulton

Any subsequent cuts will be placed on waivers for July 6.