Offseason 39-I Schedule

Congrats to Hellcat on his 38-12 EOTP Extended Bowl I victory over Yermomza!

We’ll be following the below schedule for the offseason. I will be posting a calendar event in GroupMe for the draft (and every other event) — I expect everybody to RSVP to it if they plan to make the draft so we know who will and won’t be there.


We will be advancing past re-signs Tuesday (7/18) night at 11:59 PM Eastern.


Get your bids in early and often leading up to the first advance if you’re really worried about losing out on players – many high profile players now sign on the first FA advance.

All listed advances are within 15 minutes of the posted time to avoid blatant sniping.

  • First Advance: Wednesday (7/19) 8 PM Eastern
  • Second Advance: Wed. 10 PM Eastern
  • Third Advance: Wed. 11:59 PM Eastern


The NFL Draft will be held at 9:00 PM Eastern on Thursday July 20th.

The first round I will be giving people 5 minutes per pick if they want it to negotiate trades. If you want to pick quicker feel free. Each round after that I will skip people who either A) did not show for their first round pick or B) did not RSVP for the draft and are not active in the chat at the time. Rounds 2-7 will proceed at normal pick clock.


This upcoming season is our final season of Madden 17. We will be playing pretty much right up to the release of 18. I expect everybody to stay active during this time.

The following teams are being managed by me and I will play games if possible:

  • Bengals (W4RMASTER91)
  • Colts (W4RM4STER91)
  • Dolphins (W4RM4ST3R91)
  • Patriots (war4one)
  • Rams (War40ne)
  • Saints (WarForce0ne)

I will be doing some minimal roster management to keep these rosters from falling into complete disarray.

If you’re in the mood to play a user instead of CPU feel free to contact me concerning games as I’ll play if I’m available.


We will be doing team selection during this upcoming season as we finalize who will and will not be given the option to keep their team for Madden 18. Stay tuned for more info!