Regular Season Rules Reminder

Hey everybody, I’m going to quickly go over the regular season transaction rules (and a few other things pertaining to this season) since I have been getting a few questions about it.

Free Agency & Waivers

You may sign a max of two 70+ overall players per week. Any player 70 or lower overall does not count towards limits.

Any player cut during the regular season is put through waivers with the lowest power ranked team having first shot at signing up through the top of the power rankings being last – until we hit Week 3 of the regular season this will go off of the 2022 Rookie Draft order (this past draft).

I will post waivers every night – please check this before signing players from FA.

Position Changes

You may move players between left and right and FS/SS without any petition.

All other position changes must be approved before you process them in game – if I notice position changes that are not approved going on I will move those players back to their original position.

Please see the full position change rules and submission form here for more info!

Trades & Trade Submission

If you didn’t know already, all trades are subject to committee approval. We will approve it as quickly as we can (like you we also have lives) so please do not repeatedly message about it.

Please submit all trades here!

If trades are not submitted by BOTH TEAMS in this fashion they will not be reviewed/approved.

Practice Squad Stealing

Every team has rights of refusal on practice squad players. If you claim a player on another practice squad they have 24 hours to sign said player to their roster (and block your attempt) before you can proceed with signing.

Any players signed from a practice squad must be kept on the roster – and you may not place said player on your practice squad after claiming off another team.

CPU Teams

I have put dummy gamertags on a few teams since we are not full for the remainder of this Madden. I will continue to attempt recruiting but for the meantime if you play one of the below teams please either request AP or let me know if you would like to play (if I’m free I’ll play some of these games, since I know some people hate CPU games).

  • Bengals – W4RMASTER91
  • Cardinals – WARMAST3R91
  • Colts – W4RM4STER91
  • Dolphins – W4RM4ST3R91
  • Patriots – war4one
  • Saints – WarForceOne

As always, if you have any questions let me know and I will do my best not to answer them in a condescending manner.