Updated Activity Tracker

If you’ve checked in on the activity tracker in the last few days you may have noticed that a few changes were being made.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

One of the updates is the tracker now shows each season (since we started tracking last season) and a League Standing page that will show your overall standing – which also includes those who have quit or were kicked.

What’s different on the season page?

I really haven’t touched the season pages much other than adding a new column labeled “Adequate Roster Management.”

What does this mean?

Well…if the committee thinks you are letting your team rot you’ll be tagged in this column. If your season/league standing is borderline this will be taken into account just like the offseason and preseason activity is taken into account.

How about the Season Standing?

Perhaps more importantly I have broken down how each standing status is determined – namely they’re more specific to whether you’re considered active for this season.

  • Secure – Maximum of 4 games simmed/AP or 6 games simmed/AP as long as you have scheduled every almost week.
  • In Jeopardy – Either have already surpassed one of the above thresholds or on track to pass a threshold. You will only get credit for this season if the committee decides you put enough effort into maintaining your team and communicating with your opponents.
  • Probation – New league member or was not secure for last season. You must be active as this status to move past it for the next season.
  • Out – You’ve been deemed inactive. Anybody who plays less than 6 games in a season is likely to receive this label and will be downgraded to Probation for next season.

What does Probation mean?

Any league member given this label will have their trades and actions scrutinized more heavily by the committee.

Okay, so what about the League Standing Page?

The league standing page lists everybody’s season to season status since we have started tracking – and your overall standing.

What does each status mean?

  • Reserved – You’ve earned the right to keep your team for next Madden. Great job!
  • Good – Maybe you haven’t earned the right to keep your team, but you’re on the right track and will be in the first group for the team draft come team selection if not graduated to reserved at that time.
  • In Review – The committee is currently reviewing your league status. If you remain in this status for long you will not get priority in the team draft.
  • Probation – New league members and players who have been downgraded to probationary status.
  • Removed – These people have either quit or earned the boot.

As I have stated before we plan on continuing the use of this tracker moving forward. If you have any questions let me know.


Edit: A few statuses have been added to the activity tracker since it was posted and I wanted to clarify those as well.

League Standing:

  • Not Reserved – this user has not been given the privilege of reserving their team for next Madden.
  • Team Draft – this user was either given the option of reserving team and decided to enter the team draft or defaulted to the team draft when not being given the option of reserving their current team for next Madden.
  • Waitlist – this user has been added to the Waitlist and will be contacted when a team opens up and they are next up on the Waitlist.