League Update

Member Activity Tracker

Original Activity Post & Details

It has been almost a week since the first post about member activity and a few developments have deemed an update necessary.

First off, I wanted to go over our plans for the rest of this Madden. We will be continuing the main franchise for another couple of seasons for those who want to play. Playing after this season is not mandatory to keep your team, however it can affect your league status if you are on the borderline.

As incentive anybody who continues to play (and stays active) will get priority in the team draft for Madden 18. We’ve always tried to reward loyalty to the league and this seems like a solid way to do it.

The Member Activity Tracker will be closely ┬ámonitored as a resource for team selection. As such I’ll go a bit into detail for the league status of each person.

Anybody listed as Out has either been deemed as not worthy of keeping their team or is in close consideration for that status – if you haven’t scheduled for over half of your games you have earned this label.

The In Jeopardy label means that you’ve had a few too many sims/AP that included either insufficient or no attempts at scheduling. Remember: schedule early and often.

Probation is a term that has been allocated but as of now nobody has that label. Anybody labeled as on probation due to lack of activity will be required to pick with the lowest group during team selection and all roster moves for next Madden will be closely monitored (as if you were a new league member).

Secure means that you’ve been scheduling regularly with few sim/AP games. Kudos to everybody listed as such.

I will be putting up a poll to find out who is and isn’t going to play after this season – everybody who isn’t going to play is being put on AP for the franchise (please do not quit as it creates roster/transaction issues).

As always I’ll update further at a later time.