Member Activity Tracker

As of the start of last offseason I have started keeping a log of user activity. This was done for two reasons:

  • To keep track of overall league activity
  • To help determine who will be allowed to keep their teams for Madden 18

You can see the log here.

To keep from being labeled as “NS” (Not Scheduled) for a week you must have adequately attempted to schedule – meaning early and often scheduling.

If you think that your information is incorrect please let me know and I will check to see if it should be amended.

Rookie Restart 17

As we continue with our sixth season in Madden 17 I have been closely gauging the overall activity of the league and viability of a restart league for after this season. At this time I have decided we will not be doing a rookie restart league this year.

Although this is something I am usually enthusiastic about (and have already put dozens of hours into building the roster), I simply do not see a point in starting up the league with less than half of the teams filled – it simply doesn’t make sense. I do not doubt we could buckle down and recruit to fill every team day one, but, as we all know (from experience), longevity of any league depends on its core members and having so few usually leads to a quick collapse.

With that in mind I do fully intend to keep EOTP going in some way for the next couple of months – we have never done well with the summer off for a number of reasons and I have no intentions of repeating that mistake.

I will further update the league on what we will be doing after this season at a later time. Keep a look out for news alerts as I may be putting out polls to get input from everybody.

As a further note we will also be halting the draft league for Madden 17 as activity is abysmally low. I appreciate the people who have stayed active and will reach out to see if we can get those people into the main league either for the remainder of the summer or for the start of Madden 18.

We will be doing a draft league or some kind of less strict format for Madden 18 as early as possible. Details will be released as we approach Madden 18’s release date.

UPDATE: A list of players who will be eligible to keep their teams for Madden 18 will be posted at a later date. Playing in the league after this season does not affect that status but only affects how early an individual selects in the team draft.