Preseason 39 Schedule & FA Draft

Preseason Schedule is as follows:

  • Advance to Pre-Week 2: 11:59 PM Eastern Monday 4/24
  • Advance to Pre-Week 3: 8 PM Eastern Tuesday 4/25
  • Advance to Pre-Week 4: 10 PM Eastern Tuesday 4/25
  • Advance to Regular Season: 11:59 PM Eastern Tuesday 4/25

Do not sign ANY FA on Monday unless you select them in the FA draft. Make sure to cut down your roster to 63 (53 plus 10 practice squad players) by Tuesday night.

If you have roster minimums you need to fill contact an admin and they will supply you with a really bad player from FA (no handouts, so don’t think just because you don’t have a punter you get the best in FA).

FA Draft order will snake and first round is in the rookie draft order (before trades). I will start skipping people (quickly) at 9 PM Eastern on Monday. Send in lists if you will not be around. I will not be picking players for anybody or waiting around tomorrow night.

FA Draft Order:

  1. Redwoods (Philly) – PASS
  2. Ravens (Bize) – OLB Jelani Jenkins
  3. Patriots (Keith) – PASS
  4. Bengals (Foof) – PASS
  5. Giants (Bust) – PASS
  6. Packers (HBP) – OLB Aaron Wallace
  7. Cardinals CPU
  8. 49ers (AZ) – PASS
  9. Chiefs (wayne) – PASS
  10. Bears (Cass) – K Cairo Santos
  11. Dolphins (BigRed) – PASS
  12. Colts (Lone) – PASS
  13. Vikings (Yermomza) – HB C.J. Prosise
  14. Texans (zou) – PASS
  15. Seahawks (hof) – PASS
  16. Saints (Prince) – K John Potter
  17. Panthers (baracka) – PASS
  18. Redskins (Lyfe) – PASS
  19. Steelers (Violent) – PASS
  20. Raiders (Rain) – HB Treyvon McLaughlin
  21. Lions (Urbana) – WR Philly Brown
  22. Falcons (edgar) – P Daniel Posey
  23. Titans (Bolivian) – MLB Samuel Newell
  24. Bills (Hell) – PASS
  25. Buccaneers (Fick) – DE Darby Mili
  26. Eagles (Phenom) – PASS
  27. Jets (Kami) – CB Tre Levy
  28. Jaguars (Scroty) – QB Frank Wolfert
  29. Cowboys (Yao) – OLB Donovan Jeanpierre
  30. Broncos (War) – WR De’Anthony Thomas
  31. Browns (Camp) – OLB Dwight Marion
  32. Rams (knockdown) – K Patrick Murray
  33. Browns (Camp) – FB Ahmad Smallwood
  34. Broncos (War) – WR J.D. Grubbs
  35. Cowboys (Yao) – DE Israel Haskins
  36. Jets (Kami) – CB Sean Offord
  37. Buccaneers (Fick) – TE Nate Bowden
  38. Titans (Bolivian) – FS Merrill Philon
  39. Falcons (edgar) – OLB Shaq Riddick
  40. Lions (Urbana) – OG D.J. Fluker
  41. Raiders (Rain) – CB Fisher Gore
  42. Saints (Prince) – P Robert Malone
  43. Vikings (Yerms) – OLB Rashawn Grice
  44. Packers (HBP) – WR Parker Sharper
  45. Packers (HBP) – CB Ephraim Kaddu
  46. Vikings (Yerms) – MLB Tyson Youngblood
  47. Raiders (Rain) – OLB Rashard Barnett
  48. Lions (Urbana) – OG Larry Suttle
  49. Falcons (edgar) – QB Antjuan Brinkley
  50. Buccaneers (Fick) – OG Jamal Hilton
  51. Jets (Kami) – WR Lamarcus Jackson
  52. Falcons (edgar) – CB Kierre Stanford
  53. Lions (Urbana) – WR Terrell Fincher
  54. Vikings (Yerms) – MLB Jacques Hudson
  55. Packers (HBP) – C Adrien Winters
  56. Packers (HBP) – WR Dion Germany
  57. Vikings (Yerms) – OLB Barkevious Mingo
  58. Lions (Urbana) – FS DeAndre Houston-Carson
  59. Vikings (Yerms) – P Nate Ziemann
  60. Vikings (Yerms) – CB Brandon Brace

EOTP Offseason 38 Schedule

Congrats to Knockdown on his 19-16 EOTP Bowl 38 victory over Camp!

We’ll be following the below schedule for the offseason. I will be posting a calendar event in GroupMe for the draft (and every other event) — I expect everybody to RSVP to it if they plan to make the draft so we know who will and won’t be there.


We will be advancing past re-signs Friday (4/21) night at 11:59 PM Eastern.


There are three advances in FA and they’re a little different from past Maddens. I have now seen plenty of high overall players signing during the first advance, so make sure to get bids in early this year.

All listed advances are within 15 minutes of the posted time to avoid blatant sniping.

  • First Advance: Saturday (4/22) 8 PM Eastern
  • Second Advance: Sat. 10 PM Eastern
  • Third Advance: Sat. 11:59 PM Eastern


The NFL Draft will be held at 9:00 PM Eastern on Sunday Apr. 23.

The first round I will be giving people 5 minutes per pick if they want it to negotiate trades. If you want to pick quicker feel free. Each round after that I will skip people who either A) did not show for their first round pick or B) did not RSVP for the draft and are not active in the chat at the time. Rounds 2-7 will proceed at normal pick clock.