EOTP Season 38 FA & Waivers

Hey everybody, it’s time for your regular reminder on FA, waivers and practice squad.

As we have advanced to the regular season we are now back to normal FA, waivers and practice squad signings.

Free Agency

You may sign two players 70+ overall per week as long as they are not on waivers. Any waivers claims and practice squad signings will count against your weekly signings.


Any player released during the regular season will be on waivers and you must submit a claim. A daily list of waivers will be released and posted on here.

Practice Squad

To claim a player on a practice squad you must message the team owner and tell them you intend to sign said player. They have 24 hours to sign that player to their roster or you may then sign them. You may not put that player on your practice squad or turn around and cut them.

Full rules for each of these subjects can be found on the Rules Page or in the Front Office.

Let’s keep it going, everybody. Good luck this season!

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