Scheduling Issues & Christmas Update

So we’ve had a few issues with scheduling recently, and I wanted to work on a way to resolve these for future games.

First off, if your game is not played as of 6 PM on night of advance, let an admin know either if you’re scheduled (or not) and when your game is scheduled for. The more informed we are, the better we can handle things. Doing this will ensure that we don’t advance early by accident simply due to not knowing a game is scheduled and remaining games are handled properly rather than just simmed.

Secondly, if you’re not responding to messages or MIA for games I’m going to AP you very quickly from here out. Scheduling takes so little effort to do and if you can’t be bothered you will be put on AP, given a force loss or removed from the league.

Lastly, we’re going to have an extra day on the week 5 advance to account for Christmas, which means you have Friday, Saturday (Christmas Eve) and Sunday (Christmas Day) to play your games. Schedule now to avoid issues with family events.

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