Depth Chart Warnings & Play Calling Updates

So, the admins and I have been talking about a few things and I’d like to both send out some warnings to the league and update everybody.

First, depth chart issues. Everybody must follow depth chart rules. They are not optional.

The following people must adjust their depth charts ASAP. Failure to do so will result in player suspensions.

  • Bears OLB Warren Covington at DE
  • Bengals OLB DeMarcus Ware at DE
  • Cardinals OLB Markus Golden at DE
  • Chiefs OLB Dee Ford at DE
  • Dolphins HB Jay Ajayi at FB
  • 49ers OLB Tank Carradine at DE
  • Jets OLB Lorenzo Mauldin IV at DE
  • Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson at OLB
  • Jets DE Leonard Williams at OLB
  • Patriots OLB Rob Ninkovich at both DE positions
  • Redskins OLB Shaq Petteway at DE
  • Seahawks OLB Adonis Pegues at DE
  • Texans OLB John Simon at DE
  • Vikings DE Danielle Hunter at OLB
  • Vikings DE Brian Robison at OLB

…and on to the next order of business — play calling. Yes, that again.

We have been keeping an eye on several people over the past weeks and some of you have been formally warned, so you should know who you are, but we’re still seeing repetitive play calls.

I want to make myself very clear here: just because coach suggestions gave you 10 plays doesn’t mean your playbook has 10 plays. I don’t want to see the same plays called over and over and over, or even the same types of plays over and over and over.

Most of us have been around sim leagues long enough to know bad game play when we see it. No, you’re often not getting called out because they’re “salty” or sore losers — you’re getting called out because you’re not following the rules.

So the next time I tune in to a game and I start making comments people better listen. I don’t care for your excuses, I’m watching the game looking for sim play from both sides, not targeting individuals.

If you think the only way to win is to call the same shit over and over, maybe this isn’t the league for you.

That’s all for now.