Sept. 23 Waivers

Cleared Waivers:
QB Colin Kaepernick
QB Matt Barkley
LE Jarvis Jenkins
WR Justin Hunter
QB Mark Sanchez
DT Glenn Dorsey

On Waivers:
TE Matt Spaeth
ROLB Reggie Gilbert

Any subsequent cuts will be placed on waivers for Sept. 24.

Defensive Play Calling

Varying defensive play calls has always been a sore spot for our league for one reason or another. I know we were somewhat lax over the summer because we were trying to keep the league running and have more people around, but some of the things I’ve seen recently just cannot be ignored.

First off — opponents can see your play call tendencies prior to games via the game planning screen. That means it’s pretty damn obvious if your play calling is bordering on un-sim. Don’t be surprised if people are making comments after seeing your team’s stats pertaining to play calling tendencies.

I have been watching games on and off as people Twitch and would like to re-emphasize that Twitching strongly helps resolve issues — being able to see exactly what’s going on means any he-said she-said bullshit gets thrown out the window.

Now, down to the details. I know people have their tendencies and that when offenses go no-huddle your play calls are limited. We’ve been over that enough that it shouldn’t need to be said anymore. However, that doesn’t mean when your opponent gets to the goal line you call the same play three times or that you call the same play ever 3rd down.

Vary your plays — it’s that simple. You don’t have to call cover 3 all game to win. You don’t have to show blitz or call one safety high every first down or cover 4 every third down. Just vary your plays and the admins will leave you alone.

For the latest incident, Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan has been suspended for the next two user games. Be warned, if I have talked to you about something in the past and it is not resolved by your next game as deemed acceptable by myself and the admins you will receive a suspension.

That’s it for now.