Regular Season FA, Waivers & Practice Squad

Now that we’ve gotten to the regular season I wanted to touch upon some of our transaction/roster rules since they’re not quite the same as preseason rules.

Free Agency

The limit for signings in the regular season is two 70+ overall players per week. The unlimited movement after the FA draft in the preseason is to get your roster relatively set by the time we advance to the regular season. Under 70 signings are still unlimited and you can add as many practice squad players as you wish.

There is no posting required for signing FA, just make sure each player is not on waivers (info listed below) and to follow proper procedure for signing other team’s practice squad players (info listed below).


Any player released during the regular season is subject to waivers. This means a player who is currently on waivers may not be signed by another team outside of waiver protocol.

Each team will have a shot at getting each player that is cut in reverse order of power rankings. Every player cut is on waivers from the moment they are cut until midnight Eastern of the following day — meaning every player is on waivers for at least 24 hours.

To claim a player on waivers, fill out a waiver claim submission form.

I will be posting waiver updates every night at or around midnight. Please make sure to keep up with this or you will incur the wrath of the admins. In these updates I will list who has been awarded what player, who has cleared waivers and who is currently on waivers.

Signing Players Off of Practice Squads

First off, practice squad stealing is OFF until Yermomza joins the franchise — there’s no way to ensure the CPU follows our rules. I will update everybody when Yermomza has joined and stealing is turned back on. Currently my estimate is Saturday 9/17 at some point.

The correct procedure for signing players off of another team’s practice squad is to notify said team that you intend to sign that player. They then have 24 hours to sign said player to their active roster before you can steal that player. If multiple people attempt to sign a practice squad player, the first person to contact the current team gets the player.

You absolutely may not sign a player off of somebody else’s practice squad and then place them on yours.

Additionally, you may not steal players and then cut them immediately. I’m not placing a time limit (weeks) on it but if you’re constantly stealing players and cutting them two weeks later I will both ban you from signing off of practice squads and set a limit for the future. If we must we’ll adopt a Rule 5 (MLB) type system that if you sign a player off of a practice squad you must keep them on your roster all season or return the player to their former team — but I would prefer if we could avoid such rules for the time being.

If you notify a team that you want a practice squad player you must sign that player to your roster. You cannot go around scaring people into signing players to their active roster all the time. That is not the point of practice squad stealing and I will ban you from the system if you do as such.