Franchise Start & Roster Edits

So the roster update is out! I will be creating the franchise tonight and invites are going out but I have a few things to take care of first.

First off, Nino quit so we’re replacing him as the Bears member — there may be a domino effect on teams as a result. The following players picked behind Nino and will have a shot at taking Chicago instead, and everybody after them has the shot at their previous team and so on.

  • bigwayne 800
  • Lonewolfx45
  • William Gomes
  • Campstar25
  • Yermomza
  • Warrengotstick

If you’re looking to swap teams DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR INVITE TO THE LEAGUE. I don’t want people joining and causing a ton of transactions when they swap teams.

Secondly, I am making some minor edits to the roster first to add back a few players that should be on rosters but are in FA for no apparent reason (thanks FA) and to remove a handful of players who are either no longer in football or something stupid like in jail.

Only one trade is being added to the rosters so before you ask I will tell you no simply because that’s probably a whole ton of fixes (I’m missing my 7th round pick, damn the Eagles and Mark Sanchez) — the Eagles are getting Minnesota’s 1st round pick. No other trades that were not done correctly by EA are being fixed.

Bear with me here as I will be editing the below list after posting this article.

All transactions are being noted below:

  • OT Nick Becton added to Bears
  • DE Ego Ferguson added to Bears
  • LB Lamin Barrow added to Bears
  • HB James Wilder Jr. added to Bills
  • HB Dri Archer added to Bills
  • TE Blake Annen added to Bills
  • LB Ik Enemkpali added to Bills
  • LB Randell Johnson added to Bills
  • HB Rajion Neal added to Browns
  • CB D’Joun Smith added to Colts
  • OT Cameron Bradfield added to Cowboys
  • CB Josh Thomas added to Cowboys
  • WR Nick Williams added to Falcons
  • OT Jake Rodgers added to Giants
  • MLB Uani ‘Unga added to Giants
  • WR Shaq Evans added to Jaguars
  • WR Ryan Spadola added to Lions
  • HB John Crockett added to Packers
  • WR LaRon Byrd added to Panthers
  • DT Chas Alecxih added to Panthers
  • LB Neiron Ball added to Raiders
  • DE James Cowser added to Raiders
  • CB Kenneth Durden added to Raiders
  • WR Marquez North added to Rams
  • WR Michael Campanaro added to Ravens
  • WR Chris Matthews added to Ravens
  • WR Reggie Diggs can be added to Redskins (no cap)
  • OG Nila Kasitati can be added to the Redskins (no cap)
  • C Nick Sundberg can be added to the Redskins (no cap)
  • OT Tyrus Thompson can be added to the Saints (no cap)
  • DE D.J. Pettway can be added to the Saints (no cap)
  • HB Tre Madden can be added to Seahawks (no cap)
  • OT Takoby Cofield added to Seahawks
  • OLB Tavaris Barnes added to Seahawks
  • CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste added to Seahawks
  • CB Mohammed Seisay added to Seahawks
  • C Dalton Freeman added to Texans
  • LB Gerald Rivers added to Texans
  • FS Lonnie Ballentine added to Texans
  • OG David Quessenberry added to Texans
  • FB Bruce Miller removed
  • OT Eugene Monroe removed
  • OT Phil Loadholt removed
  • DT Terrence Cody removed
  • CB Charles Tillman removed
  • FS Brock Vereen removed