Starting up EOTP Madden 17

I know it’s been tough waiting, but we’re almost there!

The week 1 roster update is planned to go live for Sept. 9 and we will be starting up shortly afterwards, so there are a few things to take care of ahead of time.

I will create the franchise shortly after the update has been posted and we’ll advance to week 2 of the preseason after everybody has joined up and we have completed the FA draft. After that we’ll advance each night just to give people time to square away their roster. We will resume 48 hour advances when he make it to week 1 of the regular season.

When you join, make sure to create a new coach — no existing coaches are allowed! The league start FA draft will be ordered by worst to best team (as determined by the admin group) and will snake afterwards. We will allow people to keep picking until they no longer want FA since essentially 58 players make your roster in week 4 (counting 5 practice squad players).

Please take the time to once again familiarize yourself with the rules, which you can see by going to our rules page. Also take note of our updated transactions rules, which you can read on the front office page — specifically the updated rules for waiver claims.

Trading in the first season is going to be restricted to limit roster changes during what always happens to be the season with the most member turnover. As such, you may not trade players that were acquired (trade, FA, draft) by your team in the offseason or re-signed by your team — with the exception of 6th and 7th round picks in the Spring’s draft.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.