Game Play and XP Sliders

So, I’ve been toying with franchise mode since the game has come out in preparation for our franchise (once the game has been patched) and wanted to share with everybody some of the things I’ve been working on.

First off, game play sliders.

I have yet to play many games user vs. user so it’s hard to judge whether sliders will be necessary yet, but from what I’ve seen maybe a bump to run blocking and pass coverage are necessary — we’ll get to that at a later time. As for CPU games, I’m trying to level it so that CPU games are aren’t sure wins but aren’t massacres either and have made some progress.

Note: normal sliders are set at 50 and these sliders assume all user sliders at set to 50.

  • QB Accuracy: 30
  • Pass Blocking: 40
  • WR Catching: 40
  • Run Blocking: 40
  • Fumbles: 50
  • Pass Defense Reaction Time: 50
  • Interceptions: 50
  • Pass Coverage: 50
  • Tackling: 45

As for special teams, I decided that kicking accuracy could use a slight tweak — after all we don’t want a ton of missed kicks each game but don’t want sure fire FGs each time either.

  • FG Power: 50
  • FG Accuracy: 60
  • Punt Power: 50
  • Punt Accuracy: 60
  • Kickoff Power: 50

Lastly there’s the other options like injuries and penalties. I’ve always felt like Madden didn’t have enough injuries in the game (without sims) and still feel that way this year.

  • Injuries: 55
  • Fatigue: 50
  • Min Player Speed Threshold: 50
  • Offside: 50
  • False Start: 60
  • Defensive Holding: 50
  • Face Mask: 50
  • Defensive Pass Interference: 50
  • Illegal Block in the Back: 50
  • Roughing the Passer: 50

Let me know what you think about these and give them a shot vs. CPU.

Next up, XP sliders.

I’ve done a mix of research on this online, simming and playing vs. CPU to get a feel for game prep, goals and regression and so far this is what I’ve come up with. I want to describe each one in depth so that people understand why I have chosen each. Feel free to let me know what you think.

QB: 100%

What I saw at QB made me think at first that 100% was a bit high — I was able to make Paxton Lynch (normal dev.) into a very good starter in one season with higher sliders and still progressed him a good deal with stock sliders both simming and playing every game. However, when I saw the amount of regression QBs get for throwing picks both game by game and as a total at the end of the season, I felt 100% was a solid point.

 HB/FB: 100%

Never thought anything needed to be touched here.

WR/TE: 100%

Receivers and TEs get plenty of XP, but speed regression will hurt after 28.

OL: 150% – 200%

I have not reached a definite decision here. I used older good OL and wasn’t bothered they can’t progress — they shouldn’t at their ages. But young players (under 25) cost a fortune to up anything but traits and AWR at very low ratings. This will definitely be boosted, but just not sure by how much yet.

DL/LB: 100%

I didn’t see an issue with leaving this stock.

CB: 150%

Another that I’m not decided on, but think we’ll need some kind of boost. I have always thought MCV/ZCV progression should be harder than it has been, but it seems damn near impossible at stock levels (like OL).

FS/SS: 100%

Didn’t notice an issue leaving stock.

K/P: 100%

I honestly didn’t care about this one much and didn’t notice it being particularly hard anyway.

I will continue to evaluate these things as we wait oh so patiently for a patch to come out.