Welcome to the New EOTP Site!

With DaddyLeagues likely being a bust this season, I’ve decided to set up something to help organize the league for this Madden.

This site does not require a log in, but following and checking in each day will definitely help each league member keep in touch with the league. I’ll be posting waivers here every night and any long form league updates will be posted here as well.

Additionally, I would like everybody to check out the submission pages under “Front Office” because this is how I want trades, position changes and waiver claims to be submitted this year.

I assure you that this site has been tested thoroughly on both phone and computer and these forms will be easy to submit from either type of device — and does not require a person to log in to submit. I’ll also include direct links to these forms on GroupMe so that you can just quickly submit anything in a matter of seconds.

I’ll be looking to make improvements, but this is what I came up with as a solution to DaddyLeagues not being active for Madden 17. I know it’s not the same thing, but it at least offers us some organization that isn’t quite achieved via GroupMe.

As for starting up the franchise, we’re still waiting to see what patches are made in the near future. There are several serious issues with game play and a couple of franchise concerns yet to be addressed, so for right now we’re in a waiting pattern.

-Your friendly neighborhood Warmaster91

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